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Project managementFor most clients,especially NRIs, overseeing the designing and creation of a building project that matches specific quality and fiscal parameters is a difficult task.Construction is a feild of cut throat competitiveness; to stay one up on sector dynamics as well as safe and quality standards while dealing with consultants, contractors, suppliers, etal, is a highlt demanding excercise.

Abad Builders, with its years of experience in the real estate and construction industry, is poised just right to deliver all the care and expertise that project management requires. And the company is offering just that through the Abad Property Mangement Division:complete solutions for delivering a first-rate product,customised to the needs f the client.In short,total peace of mind.


Design level

Design Level
  • Co-ordination for obtaining legal clearance (for the concerened property), with regards to statutory approvals, from local bodies.
  • Outsourcing of Consultants (Architectural/Service related) .
  • Preparation of project concept (inc. of drawings and validation of obtained data), based on co-ordination meetings.
  • Finalization of project design data.
  • Obtaining of required approvals (Architectural/Service related-inc.of initial approvals/temporary connections), needed for starting construction activities.
  • Co-ordination on final working drawing, through consultants.
  • Finalization of work and material specifications, involving cost optimization aspects of design and product management solutions.
  • Preperation of cost estimates,subject to approval of the finalized specification, of the concerened project.
  • Tentative project scheduling, with monthly cash flow statements.
  • Obtaining of final approvals, of required on project completion, for all Architectural/Service related activities (based on site inspection by local bodies).

All these services will be undertaken for a nominal fee.

Execution Level

Execution Level
  • Outsourcing and finalisation of quality contracts/supplies through helathy negotiations on basis of the material and work standards, terms and conditions suitable to the general requirement of the client.
  • Generation of works/supplies agreements, with the chosen agencies, involving complying with strict statutory regulations, on all categories of works.
  • Detailed project scheduling, in coordination with finalised agencies, with detailed cash flow statements.
  • Manpower allocation, inc. of site staff.
  • Periodical site inspections, site coordination meetings, analysis of work schedules,etc.
  • Strict quality control measures, at all stages of work through peridical inspections/monitoring of checklists, etc.
  • Strict adherence to saftey practices and environmental friendly measures.
  • Cost tracking/controlling procedures, in line with baseline cost schedules.
  • Generation of montly reports, with regards to work schedules and cost tracking measures.
  • Periodical verification of RA Bills on all related works/supplies.
  • Testing and common commissioning processes, on all completed activities before total handing over of the system.

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