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Abad Property Management

ABAD Property Management Services (APMS) was formed in March 2006 to provide Facilities Management Services for residential and commercial properties. APMS delivers high quality project maintenance Services at a reasonable cost. Here is a glimpse of the spectrum of services provided by APMS.view more

Mechanized House Keeping Services

Cleaning services for individual units

  • Residence (move in, move out)
  • Apartments(move in, move out).
  • 4 cleanings a month including Dusting, Cleaning, Sweeping, Moping and toilet cleaning.
  • Cleaning twice a month including Dusting, Cleaning, Sweeping, Moping and toilet cleaning.
  • One time cleaning Dusting, Cleaning, Sweeping, Moping and toilet cleaning.
  • Super Cleaning (One full day cleaning including pest control services)
  • Pest control services.
  • Spring cleaning.
Cleaning Cleaning

All these services will be undertaken for a nominal fee.

Cleaning services for apartment complex

  • Sweeping and cleaning of common area, health club, swimming pool area and restrooms.
  • Sweeping and cleaning of car parking arrear, common yard, children's play area, STP room, LPG room and terrace area.
  • Cleaning and wiping of windows.
  • Scrubbing of floors.
  • Vacuum cleaning and shampooing of sofa and cushions.
  • Car interiors cleaning
  • Laundry services.
Aparment Cleaning Aparment Cleaning

Cleaning Services for Automobile Showrooms, Educational Institutes, Recreation Centers, restaurant, Cleaning Services after Parties, Weddings, House Warming or any other special Events


  • Landscaping Works.
  • Landscaping maintenance works

Home Care

* statutory payments * rental services * resale etc.

  • Payment of Property Tax.
  • Renting out property.
  • Resale of Property
  • Payments to municipal bodies, corporation, association and other local authorities.
  • Payments to KSEB, KWA

Interior works for Villas, Apartments, Shops, Malls etc.

Maintenance Works including preventive maintenance:

  • Electrical works.
  • Mechanical (AC) works.
  • Plumbing works.
  • Carpentry work.
  • Painting Works
  • Swimming pool- Maintenance of Filtering plants, Monitoring of aqua chlorine, maintenance of underwater lighting system, water circulation systems.
  • Civil Works- water proofing, tiling, plastering, restoration, repair, grouting.
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