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Abad Builders Participation in Spice Coast Marathon

Posted on November 17, 2016 under Social Activity by Abad Builders

“Morning is an important time, as how you spend your morning can often tell you the kind of day you’re going to have.” wrote American writer and journalist Daniel Handler.

We spent the morning of last Sunday participating in the Spice Coast Marathon, running through palm trees and the many historic landmarks of Willingdon Island, Kochi. This marathon wasn’t about who came in first or who the fastest was, it was about celebrating the importance of exercise in our everyday lives and the simple joy of being able to run outdoors.

Running is a metaphor for life; that when you run, you are driving yourself to overcome obstacles, and to find that inner strength to help you realise much more than you had initially thought. That’s what we at Abad Builders do in our everyday lives. We are constantly running and driving ourselves to do better and reach new heights.

Highlights of Spice Coast Marathon

Abad Team At Spice Coast Marathon

Spice Coast Marathon run by team Abad

Spice Coast Marathon Run at Willingdon Island, Kochi

Team Abad Marathon Run

Spice Coast Marathon Run - Team Abad

Abad Participation in Spice Coast Marathon Run

Highlights of Spice Coast Marathon Run - Abad Builders

Team Abad Running for Spice Coast Marathon

Abad Half Marathon Finisher

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