How To Save Space in Your Apartments

Posted on November 15, 2017 under Apartment Tips, Real Estate by Harish Hariharan

If you have ever lived in an apartment, you know there is never a thing called ‘too much space’. You could always do with more space. So, we are going to explain how you can make the most out of the space you have in your apartments.

Though smaller living spaces are relatively new to us, a phenomenon we started seeing only a couple of decades back, it is not so for the rest of the world. For decades now many home owners in the biggest cities in the world have been living in apartments that maybe only as big as your bedroom and are still making the most of it. If they can effectively use these little spaces as their living rooms, dining rooms, working space and bedroom, it’s a cakewalk to set up all of the above in your 2 or 3 BHK flats in Kottayam or Ernakulam. Here are a few tips.

  • Use partition stands or stylish plywood stands to divide your living space and dining space, or better yet, use the TV as a partition and give it a more spacious and airy feel.
  • Use multipurpose furniture. Sofas that can be converted into beds so that you can repurpose your living room as a guest bedroom, when you have friends or family over, or buy coffee table or stands with storage space underneath so you make the most of the space it takes up. You could even use cots with a pull out shelf bed underneath it, so your kids can crash in with you without taking up all the space in the room with hefty mattresses on the floor.
  • Furnishing can also do wonders for your apartment. Get huge pillows for your couch that can be used as ‘on the floor sofas’ when you have more people over. The right sort of organising can also make lot of space for you, in terms of storage. Say, use hooks and hangers inside your cupboard you save shelf space that you can. Use hanging shoe racks, magnetic holders on the kitchen walls, hooks to hang clothes behind the door and much more.

So don’t shy away from buying an apartment that is much easier for you to maintain and is affordable for you, only because you think you might need more space. All it takes is some smart furnishing and organising skills. But if you think it’s hard work, worry not, you can always hire Abad Interiors designing services to do it for your apartments in Ernakulam or Kottayam.


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