what should you know about staging your home?

What should you know about staging your home?

Posted on May 16, 2022 under flats in ernakulam, flats in ernakulam, flats in kochi by Harish Hariharan

What should you know about staging your home? 

Each home is a dream of a buyer, with a state-of-the-art kitchen or a fully remodelled master bathroom; for which a perfect buyer looks. Staging your home through showings and promotional materials is the best foot forward to make the potential buyers come to view the property or flats in Cochin. 

Staging your home is preparing a property for sale showcasing a home’s best assets and selling it quickly for the highest possible price. Just putting up a sale won’t work but you have to take extra steps to make a sale. Home staging has become a popular way to increase a home’s selling price in a short time period. 

Selling a home that’s been occupied for many years staged to sell can reap more rewards than the one not staged. The prospect of selling the home is to prepare and stage the home, also doing some simple upgrades like arranging furniture, simple cleaning and the removal of day-to-day living items and decor to reach another buyer pool and see the potential. It can also involve some financial investment – like painting, improving the landscaping and adding furniture and plants to give an idea to the buyer of what their new home or flats in Kochi would look like. In short, it will be an advantage if you take the extra step of staging your property. 

Still, there remains something more you need to know regarding the same. 

The exterior look 

The exterior is the very first impression, if not good at the first sight they may walk away without finding out what the interior looks like. Make sure to consistently maintain the lawn and landscaping and give a fresh coat of paint. Add accessories like a doormat or wreath on the entranceway of flats in Ernakulam in order to achieve the best price. 

Depersonalise the look 

Your home design might have a unique personal touch and be careful with how much of your personal style shines through in the space. Different groups of people will be viewing your home. Everyone will have different opinions and in order to appeal to as many of these groups as possible, put away statement decorations and opt for neutral choices so that all groups would get satisfied. 

Clean look 

A clean home, cleaning every part of the house and everything in between shows good care of the property. Keep the old stuff spotless, sparkle your bathroom, tub and sink and make everything look new.

Sell the space keep the stuff 

Clear out your things to prevent potential buyers from getting distracted, clear the kitchen counter appliances, leave the walls empty and keep them simple as gathering leaves and enclosing them in simple frames. Arrange the furniture so it’s easy for potential buyers to navigate a room and take their attention to the room as a whole; making them pleasing to the eye but not distracting or cluttering. 

It is not unusual for a seller to stage their home expecting a potential return and can save you from a costly price reduction. Home staging is considered a marketing technique for flats in edappally that will appeal to the greatest common denominator. Staging neutralises the home, though you may love your collections but can have a negative psychological effect on a potential buyer. Staging is not creating illusions, simply showing the buyer the potential of the home through simple and inexpensive upgrades resulting in higher offers for the seller.

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