Kottayam – A Place For Peaceful Living

Kottayam is commonly known as the “City of Letters” as it has made a lot of contributions to print media and literature. In addition to that Kottayam town is the first town in India to achieve 100% literacy rate. Kottayam represents the essence of Kerala because of the presence of fresh water lakes, western ghat,hills and lush paddy fields.

What makes Kottayam an ideal place for peaceful living is the scenic beauty of the district and its offerings which will never make you feel that you are not living in a metro city. Having an apartment in Kottayam will be your first step to a pleasant life away from all the hustle and bustles of a metro city. The increasing apartment and land prices also makes it a sensible choice of investment.

Proximity to day to day life needs like Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, and Supermarkets makes our flats in kottayam a perfect choice for living. Considering the connectivity to other districts via bus and railway stations, Kottayam is an ideal location for a home  away from an urban city. Apart from all these benefits, living cost in a city like Kottayam is considerably low and it doesn’t compromise in giving you the amenities of a developed city.

We have developed a premium apartment project, Royal Gardens, to realise your dream for having a living space in Kottayam. Royal Gardens apartment is located in a lush green environment and equipped with exclusive amenities to serve you a stress free life. Premium amenities like Terrace party area, Rooftop swimming pool, Automatic generator backup etc., and security measures including CCTV surveillance,  access control system and video door phones makes our apartments a safe haven for your family.


Benefits of Having a Living Space in Cochin

Lifestyle in Cochin is changing rapidly because of the increase in income of people and development of the city. Nowadays, a huge demand for apartments and villas from professionals and businessmen who are moving into the city has increased the price for housing and land

Massive development in real-estate over a decade is being witnessed in Cochin. It is sure that our Villas and flats in Kochi embrace this development and cater to the urban style of living.

Easy accessibility through road,rail,water and air transportation channels makes Kochi city a favorite place for businessmen and professionals.  Now with the Kochi metro rail, most of the places in the city is easily commutable without getting trapped in boring traffic blocks. Our flats and villa projects in Kochi is built to bring you all these benefits of Kochi along with exclusive in-house amenities.

To have a flat in Kochi is ideal for even those who are not permanent residents of the city, considering the business and investment potential. It is also useful to have a living space close to the state’s best hospitals, business centres and airport. We have selected serene yet easily accessible locations for our villas as well as flats in Cochin. Our projects in Kochi are easy to get to via all means of transport. If you are in search for a premium living space in Kochi, Abad  is the right place to end your search.


ABAD Knightsbridge – Urban Royalty

Abad Knightsbridge is the harmony of quality and luxurious living spaces. The construction of the project began in September 2014 and was successfully handed over to all its customers on May 5, 2017 – much ahead of the actual delivery date, thus exhibiting Abad’s dedication to it’s customers.

Mr. Ranjit said, “Brilliant. Wonderful. Outstanding. I am out of objectives! I must tell you, the entire team is just fabulous. My experience with Abad has been awesome. Talk to anyone about Abad, and you will know that they have a good reputation. I went for Knightsbridge for it’s prime location. Another fantastic thing is that the construction quality is good, the quality of work is good and what makes it better is that they delivered it even before the promised time!”

Knightsbridge is made beautiful with broad stairways and cozy corners. It has large windows and doors that make the apartment look spacious, while letting in ample natural light and ventilation. Spread over a landscape of 64.5 cents, Knightsbridge offers 2 and 3 BHK flats with modern interiors and fixtures, befitting of a cosmopolitan urban lifestyle. The apartment radiates an elegant charm with its spacious, functional and modern design of the space.

Mr. Jose Daniel said “I don’t have much experience in this field, but my experience now is good. I frankly did not expect them to finish this project in such a short period. The location, layout and the total space provided in a house is important when buying a new home and Abad did that for us. We appreciate the large kitchen for the innumerable guests that we tend to have. With the improvements in the infrastructure of Kadavanthara and Panampilly Nagar, Knightsbridge was the perfect choice for me and my family. The customer support team at Abad was very nice and helpful. They gave us regular updates, including pictures of the project every month.”

The rooftop Infinity Pool and Jacuzzi add to the brilliance of Abad Knightsbridge. The rapidly changing urban skyline is sure to give an enthralling experience to anyone enjoying the apartment’s landscaped rooftop terrace or while swimming in its infinity pool.

Mr. Vimal V said, “The basis for buying a new home lies in the reputation of the builder, and the locality. I trusted the work of Abad Builders to be punctual and of good quality, and they proved that I trusted correctly. Knightsbridge attracted me the most as Kadavanthara is a residential area and it is an ideal location for a family, with all the amenities close at hand. What drove me to make a choice with Abad was its exceptional customer service facilities that allowed an easy transaction, from miles away. We feel at home here. We were at Hong Kong when we purchased this flat, and the team helped us a lot. I was away while they managed the entire payment and everything else. I came only once in the four year time span, while everything was handled by them. The whole process was very convenient and friendly; they never made us feel like we were away from home.”

The signature layout of Knightsbridge makes it a unique Villament Project that allows each of its flat units to be completely independent, with no common-sharing walls. Abad Knightsbridge is located at one of the most prime residential areas of Kochi – Kadavanthra. It’s hardly 4 kms from the main Railway Station and you can find supermarkets and all other necessities like schools and hospitals within a radius of 2 kms. The major shopping destination of Kochilites, M. G. Road – is only 3 kms away.

Ms. Vandana Vinod said, “I feel that a quintessential home is neat, organised and conveniently located for maximum accessibility of services. I prefer a location that is close to my mother’s home and I got all of this with Abad Knightsbridge – top quality, neat, organised and convenient location. I need places like the supermarket and everything close by. I am satisfied with Knightsbridge and consider it ideal, because of the trustworthy work of Abad. My decision was also based on the experiences I had with the Abad Resorts around the state. We’ve been here in Kochi, so we’ve known Abad for a very long time.”


At Abad Knightsbridge, you truly feel home.


Home is where the heart is…


A plethora of emotions rush into one’s mind upon hearing the word “Home”. And when home is Kerala, these emotions are multiplied with images of pristine backwaters, virgin beaches and flocks of trees, all beautifully enunciating the allure of God’s own country. Kerala not only does a stellar job at sweeping tourists off their feet with its innate riches of green pastures and blue seas, but equally awes its neighbouring states in economic development, culture and art and the topic in discussion, the construction sector.

With the emergence of builders that provide comfort, luxury and affordable pricing, top flats in Kerala have been coveted by NRI’s as well as residents of metro cities like Kochi. The consideration of several factors such as location, accessibility, neighbourhood, amenities, etc., is of utmost importance when opting for luxury flats in Kerala.

The city of Kochi is en route to becoming one of the best cities to live in the country. The growing metropolis is an exciting hub for technology, business and art. The older part of the city, Fort Kochi, ceaselessly maintains its reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in the South, while, Ernakulam (central part of town), serves as the crux for micro-markets in trade and development.

Flats in Kottayam

One is spoilt for choice with the availability of luxury flats in Cochin that deliver quality living spaces with gorgeous interiors and world-class utilities. Marine drive, Panampilly Nagar and Kakkanad are some of the upmarket locations while other sought-after sites include Edappally, Elamakkara, Kalamassery and Thrikkakara which pride themselves as hotspots for affordable flats in Kochi. Bustling with life, these suburbs would be an ideal destination for any family looking for a home in Kerala.

Towards the South-East lies Kottayam, the literature capital of Kerala and an inspiring location that is brimming with rubber plantations, tea estates and evergreen slopes of the Western Ghats. The Kottayam flats skyline is steadily rising with luxury apartments and independent villas as several Keralites are choosing to live in the countryside and commuting to nearby cities for work. Also many ready-to-occupy flats in Kottayam are being purchased as rental investments by those abroad, placing their faith in builder for exceptional delivery and service.

The reputation of the builder, efficient after-sales support, rental and resale assistance, features and specifications are details that cannot be left unnoticed during purchase. Abad Builders offers the best possible deal that comprises superior building quality, customer specific requirements and anacceptable price that takes into account current real estate trends. Inspecting title deed, legal status and floor plan of the project is normal routine before investment, all carefully undertaken by Abad’s team of experts. These ensure that the buyers are well aware of their investment and more importantly, the builder’s reliability.

Be it flats in Kochi overlooking the harbour or one in Kottayam, with a view of birds, fields and waterscapes, Kerala is teeming with surprises that reason with the subconscious and vow to satisfy the dream of living with contentment.


Living Among Gods And Kings

Towards the South-East lies a suburb deeply rooted in history, brimming with memorabilia and is residence to the royal throne of the erstwhile Kingdom of Cochin – Tripunithura, the cultural centre of the city. Also known as Rajanagari, this small town is packed with breathtaking palaces, numerous temples and classic performance theatres, all concocted into a locale of youthful exuberance.

Tripunithura is a rightful ode to the undying heritage, tradition and diversity that is steeped into the hearts of the people of Kerala and setting an ambience for living like royalty is Abad’s Orchard County villas. These luxury villas in Tripunithura are a perfect blend of satisfying home-space and complete accessibility. And with very few units left for purchase, they represent the cream of the crop among ready-to-occupy villas in Kochi.

Orchard County comprises twelve limited edition premium villas in Kochi with 3 and 4 bedroom options of heavenly interiors and world-class amenities, all in close proximity to the proposed Kochi Metro Station in Tripunithura. Location prominence also comes with the presence of Choice School only a kilometer away and Infopark at a distance of 7 kms.

villas in cochin

Villa plots, which expand to a little over an acre, provide an ideal gated community, with round-the-clock security and landscaped areas that seek to deliver ideal living spaces for young and old, alike. Also, expansive green lawns, elegantly paved driveways and essential street lighting ensure the villas reciprocate customer satisfaction, simultaneously beholding an unmatched style of international repute.

The interiors speak of the unrivalled knowledge and graceful effort that has been dedicated during construction, civil work, layout, floor plan, etc. With a thorough understanding of customer needs, utility and modern-day trends, Abad’s team of architects has delivered par excellence in these designer villas in Tripunithura. Each villa consists of window and balcony sliding doors, staircases with wooden finish and glass handrails and teakwood frame & shutter with melamine finish for the main door. Washrooms have been assembled with accessories from world reputed brands.

Careful civil work and structure have ensured an earthquake resistant structure for the villa and solid block masonry for smooth plastered walls. State-of-the-art kitchens comprise , granite platforms and independent gas supplies . The availability of master switches for lighting and a video phone intercom comes as a safety surplus for Abad’s Orchard County Villas in Kochi; a gesture of customer importance from Abad and its long-standing legacy of trust.

As the traffic draws to a close and dusk settles in on the suburb, the feeling of easing back onto a balcony chair and witnessing the soundlessness makes this Abad property incomparable to other villas for sale in Cochin. Orchard County stands in the middle of the chirping town that is Tripunithura, among its myriad stories about royal folklore and art-forms, the beauty of its people and its sleepy rivers, almost enunciating the definition of living like kings and queens of the new age.


A Penchant for Promises – ABAD Ikebana and ABAD Knightsbridge

An eagle’s eye view of Kochi’s urban jungles, the careless bustle of its residential spaces, the comfort of its pleasant evenings and more, are brought to life at Abad’s newly constructed premium flats in Kochi – Ikebana and Knightsbridge. To be handed over in May ahead of the promised schedule, these apartments in Cochin are an alluring influence of Abad’s expertise in delivering striking designs with peerless customer understanding.

Several successful projects stand as pedestals of perseverance and hold testimony to Abad’s achievements in the construction sector despite tough and unforgiving industry conditions. An insight into these exceptional living spaces speak of the excellence in architecture that has been coupled with a meticulous study of the sector and its effects on customers.

Abad Ikebana carries Abad’s hallmark of luxury living with minimal design and maximum satisfaction. Ikebana or “The way of flowers “are boutique apartments in Panampilly Nagar, conceptualized on the Japanese tradition of floral arrangements and envisioned for families of the modern era. It comprises 44 units of plush living with extravagant 2 and 3 bedroom flats and elegantly furnished surroundings.

Abad Ikebana Apartments in Kochi

With interiors shrouded in fine amenities and state-of-the-art elements, Abad Ikebana radiates an aura of temptation that is unrivalled by other apartments in Kochi. Ikebana is located in the prime area of Panampilly Nagar which still holds onto its crown as one of the best residential suburbs in the city. Such is the rating of these flats in Cochin that Abad’s team of marketing and sales experts recommends an early investment as very few units remain to be purchased.

To undermine one’s notions about luxury flats in Kadavanthra, Abad latest project in the area, Knightsbridge, is nearing completion. Parading in the vicinity of the city’s cosmopolitan kind, Knightsbridge is laid out lavishly in 64 cents of unique Villament blocks consisting of 66 flats in Kadavanthra that are completely independent and share no walls. Consistent civil work with premium interior brands labels Knightsbridge as a project for the privileged few.

Abad KnightsBridge Apartments in Kochi

With a splendid view of backwaters from the terrace floor, these flats near K. P. Vallon Road deliver first-class living in the lap of luxury and Abad’s service promise ensures a lifetime of simple yet graceful moments to cherish. Not only does the twenty-first century family demand opulent living conditions, but commands a strong sense of security for their loved ones and an admirable feeling for the environment. Facility officers, electronic barriers, sewage treatment and rainwater harvesting plants ensure these requisites are fulfilled at all Abad projects. Furthermore, Ikebana and Knightsbridge are enveloped in facilities such as recreation halls, children’s play areas, association rooms, swimming pools, high-speed elevators and well-equipped fitness centres.

Abad Builders has been galloping in the race for customer assurance and has come out on top with its new INTEREST-FREE EMI FOR ONE FULL YEAR offer. As the fondness for ready-to-occupy flats is growing exponentially, Abad commits the promise of paying the interest for the first year on EMI. Meeting the customer halfway has been Abad’s charm for many years and it continues to prevail as a proponent of homes that represent good health and well being.


Benefits and Privileges of Apartment Living in Kerala

The State of Kerala has been charming tourists and natives alike with its picturesque green landscapes, beautiful urban forests filled with coconut trees and a never-ending array of backwaters. These ever-present traits coupled with a society that strives for the betterment of living conditions, education and health; make Kerala one of the best states to live in the country.

Waking up to see the sun rise over a lush paddy field is no longer a dream with the choice from a wide variety of apartments in Kerala. The State is now witnessing a revolution in several sectors such as lifestyle, social conventions and standard of living. As the purchasing power of the common Keralities increase, so does his/her ambition and ability to spend on luxury living and flats in Kerala. With construction firms hiring experts in architecture and planning, safe designs with basic amenities and affordable luxury come under one roof to provide competitive priced apartments like nowhere else in India.

Apartments in Kerala stand out from the clutter of the construction sector with enhanced security measures, carefully planned buildings, after-purchase support, resale and rental assistance etc. Community living comes alive within the property with the establishment of associations that handle issues, conduct engaging activities and tend to tenants who need assistance. These associations in flats in Kerala also ensure that there exists a sense of belonging and safety, especially for older tenants. With the emergence of quality living spaces that are tailor-made to personal specifications, apartments in Kerala are seeing a rise in the number of buyers and a growing affinity over independent houses.

Abad’s luxury apartment project, Royal Gardens, is a prime example of how modernity and traditional living are weaved in perfect blend to match needs and styles of the current generation. Royal Gardens comprises 96 luxury apartments in Kottayam with breathtaking views of the countryside. Located in the suburbs of city, Abad Royal Gardens makes sure the chaos of traffic and hazardous risk of air pollution are left far behind to facilitate a feeling of tranquility, unequalled by other flats and apartments in Kottayam. Furthermore, Abad’s home care support promptly delivers regular housekeeping and maintenance services as well as rental and resale assistance in all their apartments in Kerala. Ambient surroundings with landscaped gardens, a clubhouse, recreational space and a play area for children are some of the many features that make Royal Gardens one of the best luxury apartments in Kottayam.

Amongst flats and apartments in Kottayam, Abad delivers an exciting choice of residential space with 12 floors of immaculate interiors, acres of modern amenities and proficient staffing and services to ensure an unimaginably good experience of home living. Abad’s expertise gives you the choice of sky gazing views from a top floor apartment over the window view of your neighbour’s wall, for a lifetime of happiness with your loved ones.


ABAD Builders Participation in Spice Coast Marathon

“Morning is an important time, as how you spend your morning can often tell you the kind of day you’re going to have.” wrote American writer and journalist Daniel Handler.

We spent the morning of last Sunday participating in the Spice Coast Marathon, running through palm trees and the many historic landmarks of Willingdon Island, Kochi. This marathon wasn’t about who came in first or who the fastest was, it was about celebrating the importance of exercise in our everyday lives and the simple joy of being able to run outdoors.

Running is a metaphor for life; that when you run, you are driving yourself to overcome obstacles, and to find that inner strength to help you realise much more than you had initially thought. That’s what we at Abad Builders do in our everyday lives. We are constantly running and driving ourselves to do better and reach new heights.

Highlights of Spice Coast Marathon

Abad Team At Spice Coast Marathon

Spice Coast Marathon run by team Abad

Spice Coast Marathon Run at Willingdon Island, Kochi

Team Abad Marathon Run

Spice Coast Marathon Run - Team Abad

Abad Participation in Spice Coast Marathon Run

Highlights of Spice Coast Marathon Run - Abad Builders

Team Abad Running for Spice Coast Marathon

Abad Half Marathon Finisher


ABAD builders coming to Kuwait

Abad is heading to Kuwait City from November 3rd to 5th, 2016. Our visit to Kuwait comes at an ideal time for those looking for investment opportunities in Kochi.

A piece of advice for real estate investors as they look for their next investment: not all real estate projects in Kochi see the same appreciation rates. Real Estate appreciation depends on a number of factors, vitally important of which are the location and title of the property and the brand of the builder. It is for these two fundamental reasons that despite the stagnant state of Kerala’s overall Real Estate since 2010, we, at ABAD Builders, have been seeing significant appreciation in the property values of our projects. Since 2010, our flats and villas have appreciated in value on average of over 80%. Our commitment is in delivering to our valued customers, products of high appreciating value. And it is for this reason that we carefully select fine locations in Kochi for our projects, and deploy meticulous development techniques for assured quality for our buildings. Besides the steadfast dedication for handing over and after sales care has been perhaps one of the many reasons why our properties have appreciated more in value despite the sluggish trends in Kerala’s Real Estate market.

So before you jump into securing a home in Kerala’s real estate market, consult a Real Estate expert.

Book a consultation with us while we are in Kuwait.


OASIS Product Focus – AAC Concrete Bricks

Each of our projects present an opportunity to push the boundaries of ingenuity by incorporating the latest technology onto our project’s structure. It is this continual effort and commitment to finding and using high-grade, innovative technologies that ensure the quality of projects. How can we make the best quality homes for our customers; that is the question we always ask ourselves. It is this bond with our customers that drives our search for new and better ways of building.

In our latest luxury apartment project in Edappally, Oasis, one such construction technology being employed is the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) bricks. Unlike the conventional cement bricks, AAC bricks present a far superior construction material for one because of its strength and durability. Made out of an inorganic, non-combustible material, AAC structures are virtually fireproof, and can be engineered to withstand earthquakes, heavy rains and typhoons. For another, this fly ash composition also allows the bricks to be natural thermal and sound insulators. The use of AAC in the very construction of the flat therefore helps to reduce residents electricity consumption for air-conditioning as the insulating properties of the AAC bricks prevent heat from passing through and becoming captured within its structure. What’s more, they enhance the privacy of each flat by preventing the passage of unwanted noise. At the same time, AAC is also an Eco-friendly product. AAC bricks require zero soil consumption in contrast to clay bricks which require more than 3 kg of top soil to produce one brick. Building with such bricks allows our projects to maintain our high environmental building standards as well.

In such ways, we are constantly in search of the new that allows us to build top-quality homes for our valued customers. It is this commitment to providing and building the very best that allows us to become one of the leading developers of Kerala.

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