We saw many pathbreaking trends in interior designing this year and an interesting trend is that designers are expressing more affinity towards nature compared to the past few years. There are also elements of extravagance, joy, and nostalgia in many design trends of 2019. Many builders in Kochi are stepping away from the tech-obsessed decor trends which we saw dominate 2018, as interior designing trends in 2019 are notable for embracing natural elements, maximalism, bold colors, and fresh take on classic styles. Get ahead of the curve by following these latest trends while designing your home. Here are three fantastic interior design trends of 2019 to take note of:

More of Nature

This year there is a heightened interest in biophilia, that is, emphasizing the relationship between human beings and nature. Interior designers have found fresh ways to establish a connection with nature. Recently, natural and organic materials such as wood, stones, and plants are heavily incorporated into the interiors of many flats in Kochi to emphasize a feeling of bonding with nature. Handicrafts are gaining importance and the use of natural materials like wool, cloth, and linen is gaining popularity in design schemes. Wood finishes and sustainable handmade pieces will be seen more in 2019. These trends can be seen as our unconscious solution to go back to nature and peace in this technology-driven society.

Bold Color Tones

Color tones have really taken a major shift from the past years in 2019. If pale and formal color tones were the trend in 2018, this year, most designers suggest bolder colors for interiors. Warm and feminine tones like dusty pink and neutrals are in the vogue, while tiring shades are completely out. Also, traditional floral patterns are coming back. This classic decorating trend has been around so long, but this year, florals have been thoroughly refreshed and modernized enough to see floral patterns in a new light. Creating drama seems to be a rising trend, and more use of bold and jewel tones are a fad now. According to interior designers, the deep green is presently one of the best selling colors.

Maximalist Designs

Maximalism is making a return to interior designing after a long time. Warm colors, organic shapes and a lot of the seventies inspired styling are trending now. Earth tones, wood, and artisanal lighting are becoming prevalent in 2019. The dominance of minimalistic design and neutral colors is finally declining. Designers are not afraid to mix colors, patterns, and textures. Scattered simple photo frames are no longer interesting, and large single paintings are back. The walls of many new luxury villas in Kochi are made dramatic by adding large-scale pieces. The hotel-inspired beds are out, and canopy beds are trending. People are seeking out the ultimate comforts and traditional design elements are back in a big way, along with plenty of fabric and texture.
2019 is all about the return of the Boho trends, and everything bold and colorful. Designers have started to care about nature. Likewise, eco-friendly decor items and crafted products are gaining popularity. People are tired of formal designs, and contemporary styling while they are not ready to skimp on comfort. Even velvet furnishing, curved sofas, and canopy beds have returned as a result of the focus on comfortable furniture. Gender neutrality is another amazing trend, and thus more blushes and pinks are in vogue. On the whole, there is an inclination towards nostalgia as everything good and old is coming back. These new trends seem to be really exciting as sustainability is what we need the most at present, and who doesn’t like a bit of nostalgia!

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