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Feel More At Home In Your Duplex Apartment

Posted on November 25, 2017 under Apartments in Edappally, builders in kochi, Ready to Occupy Flats, Real Estate by Harish Hariharan

Though very popular across the globe, Duplex flats are a very new concept to us Malayalees. So through this blog we will talk about what duplex flats are and why duplex flats in Kochi are a great living choice for the modern Kochiite.

To begin with, a duplex is a modern apartment style with two floors connected by a private inner staircase. A duplex gives the vibe and utility of an independent house with the added floor and balcony spaces. Duplexes are most popular either on the ground floor or on the top floor as the penthouse. While the penthouse is more to do with high life and luxury, the ground level duplex is about having your own back yard, garden or outside utility spaces. Both have their own benefits and customer segments. Some high end apartments even have inner private lifts in their duplex apartment.

Abad Builders offer premium duplex apartments in Edapally in our apartment project, Abad Oasis. Apart from the additional space there are many comforts that our duplex apartment in Edapally offers, that has made it popular among the young modern Indian. One is his dream of having a house where he goes upstairs to his room to sleep. In this context a duplex feels more like home than a usual apartment. The two levels can also give added privacy.

As Indians we also have stronger family bonds and values and a lot of us prefer our parents to stay with us in the city close to us, rather than far away in our hometown or village. Duplex is a perfect option for such families, where having different floors will help you have them close in a more healthy lifestyle where your young family gets their needed privacy and alone time as well.

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