Real Estate Investment Options for NRIs (Non-Resident Indians)

Real Estate Investment Options for NRIs (Non-Resident Indians)

There are many reasons why NRIs should invest in real estate in India. The most important being that the sector is growing at a record pace and there are indications that the growth will continue in the coming decade. Economic growth is fuelling rapid urbanisation increasing demand for housing and commercial real estate. New projects across price segments in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will soon overtake those in the larger cities. And as the demand increases the returns on these investments are bound to improve on long-term investments. NRIs with a large corpus of funds can be assured of healthy returns if they buy property in India.

Let us look at different options for NRIs who wish to buy property in India:

Residential Real Estate

The options for NRI real estate investment in residential property are plenty. Depending on the long-term use and budget NRIs can choose to invest in metro cities, Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 cities. The large-scale infrastructure developments across cities are creating new markets in suburbs of large cities and new micro markets. Tier 2 cities are now attracting serious interest from developers in Kochi and investors as there are many projects to invest in at prices that are lower compared to large cities.

With an overall prediction of growth in the sector, returns on investment in smaller cities can be as lucrative as those in large cities if not more. There are many types and formats of residential properties ranging from flats, apartments, independent houses, villas, and plots to luxury and ultra-luxury segments with innovative amenities to fulfill the personal and social aspirations of the residents. The development of self-sufficient townships that have all the features of residential projects with social infrastructure is on the rise meeting the demand for these by modern home buyers.

Commercial real estate

Although commercial real estate requires more capital for investment it also commands higher rentals and prices. The economic growth is fueling the growth of current and new businesses which ultimately require commercial spaces for their operations. Investing in retail spaces, office properties, industrial plots, mixed developments, and warehouses can be highly lucrative for NRIs. The investors can be assured of healthy returns as the economic growth is expected to be robust till 2030.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

REITs are funds that invest in real estate stocks in the capital markets. The returns earned as rentals and mortgages are paid to the investors in the form of dividends. These investment instruments are like mutual funds where investors do not individually buy or invest in properties but instead invest in a pool of real estate equity.

These are the various investment options in real estate that NRIs can invest in. It is always advisable to perform due-diligence before investing in any property or instruments by consulting industry experts and doing market research.

The Growing Demand for Sustainable Housing in Kerala

The Growing Demand for Sustainable Housing in Kerala

God’s own country is known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. Nature has been generous with the state in blessing it with breathtaking landscapes, serene mountains, golden beaches, and a clean environment. The richness of the land needs preservation and the residents of Kerala are realizing this.

With the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable homes increasing steadily, most builders in Kochi know that it is the future of real estate in Kerala. Eco-friendly homes offer a healthy environment to live in as well as several financial benefits to leave behind a legacy for future generations.

Sustainable Housing

Construction of homes by traditional methods increases the carbon footprint due to excessive use of concrete, emission of greenhouse gases, and depletion of natural energy resources. Sustainable housing focuses on reducing environmental degradation and conserving non-renewable resources.

1. Energy efficiency can be achieved by using renewable energy resources like solar energy panels, energy-efficient appliances, and homes designed for natural lighting and ventilation. Wind, hydropower, and biomass are other sustainable options.

2. Sustainable materials like eco-friendly bricks, stone blocks, limestone blocks, and eco-friendly cement can replace traditional building materials with a high carbon footprint.

3. Conserving water by employing rainwater harvesting, recycling, and reusing household wastewater and better water management systems can go a long way in conserving water.

4. Waste management like the segregation of waste and recycling waste for composting that can be reused in the residential ecosystem are ways of improving efficiency.


Eco-friendly sustainable homes offer several benefits to residents.

1. Energy and water-efficient homes help reduce utility bills adding to the savings.

2. Sustainable materials have a longer life and reduce the cost and effort of maintenance.

3. They offer a healthy lifestyle in an environment with a lower carbon footprint and by using natural resources like wind and sunlight.


1. Most projects in Kerala now aim to get green certifications such as LEED and IGBC to promote eco-friendly homes in high demand.

2. Energy-efficient buildings and vertical gardens are common in any property in Kochi including luxury properties proving that luxury and sustainability can co-exist.

3. The presence of open green spaces allows for a healthier lifestyle by promoting physical exercise like walking and outdoor activities.

4. Smart homes and home automation can help optimum utilization of resources reducing carbon footprint.

The Kerala government has made a great effort to promote sustainable real estate development by introducing green building norms and incentivizing eco-friendly practices. By educating home buyers to opt for sustainable homes and eco-friendly living practices the demand for sustainable housing has a green future.

Exploring Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Kerala

Exploring Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Kerala

Kerala is one of the top investment destinations in India. Several reasons like a booming economy, changing buyer preferences, IT growth, and rising tourism in the state are responsible for this. The state is one of the top investment destinations for high-net-worth Individuals (HNI) and Non-resident Indians (NRI). Kerala is already known to receive one of the highest international remittances in the country. The new opportunities in the real estate investment landscape present a bright future for the industry in the coming years.

Real Estate Ecosystem

The Kerala real estate market is expected to undergo several transitions in the coming few years. The rapid urbanization driven by the growth of several industries like IT and Tourism will boost the demand for residential real estate. The demand for homes that blend elegant architecture, modern design, and seamless connectivity is increasing as millennials are making conscious choices for their homes. Smart home features and energy-efficient designs are shaping the evolution of new projects in Kerala. The importance of sustainable and eco-friendly projects is gaining more value every passing year.

Top locations


Kochi is the perfect blend of growing employment and economic opportunities, natural scenic surroundings, and growing infrastructure. Builders in Kochi realize that these factors make it one of the top investment destinations in the state. The annual appreciation in property prices and rentals makes property in Kochi one of the favorites for HNIs and NRIs. Important infrastructure developments like the Kochi Metro project being expanded with the Kochi Water Metro project and improved road connectivity will have a significant impact on the property market.


The capital city of Kerala is becoming the next growth hub of the state with a major demand for both residential and commercial real estate.

Technopark of Trivandrum is one of the driving forces for the growth in housing and retail spaces.

Upcoming cities like Kottayam and Palakkad are the next growth destinations for real estate in Kerala. The infrastructure growth and connectivity to other locations in the state make these cities ideal investment destinations as they gain attention as the nest growth destinations. Kozhikode is known as the cultural hub and education destination because many reputed institutions offer professional courses. It has a good mix of residential investment options.


An investor has many options to invest in the state, right from flats, apartments, villas, and independent bungalows to luxury and ultra-luxury homes. As the affluence of the home buyer and investor increases the demand for luxury and ultra-luxury homes is seeing significant growth. The state’s natural beauty and cultural heritage make it an ideal location for hospitality real estate like vacation rental homes, boutique hotels, resorts, restaurants, and cafes.


The IT sector has changed the face of Kerala as it continues to grow every year. Commercial real estate like office spaces and business parks offers lucrative investment opportunities as commercial real estate offers higher returns.

By conducting proper due diligence and effective research investors can make the most of the profitable opportunities that Kerala real estate investment presents in the coming years.

Tips For Investing in High-Return Rental Properties

Tips For Investing in High-Return Rental Properties

Investing in the Kochi real estate market is a wise decision. The city is one of the fastest-growing cities in India and it is also a top real estate market. The demand for rental properties is expected to be high in the coming years due to the influx of professionals demanded by the rapidly growing IT and allied industries. However, one cannot just invest in any property in Kochi. A property that will generate high rental returns must be carefully chosen by following certain tips.

Let us discuss these below:

1. Property location

The location of the property will determine the rentals it will earn. For high-return rental properties, one must look for localities that are already established as main hubs or those that have high growth potential. Investors can search for flats in Kochi in hubs of Kochi like Kakkanad or explore new locations like Edappally which have a potential for future growth. Tenants will usually choose locations that are easily accessible and have all the basic amenities and facilities.

2. Connectivity

The property should be well-connected to different parts of the city by road or rail using personal or public transport. Tenants usually look for a property that is easily reachable to and from their workplaces. The property should be close to or easily accessible from business districts, IT hubs, and important office locations. If they are not close, they should be easily reachable using public transportation.

3. Reputation of the developer

The Kerala real estate market is growing with many developers and builders wanting to make their mark. Choosing a reputed builder is the best way of safeguarding your investment. A reputed developer will have the best construction quality, facilities, and amenities. An investor cannot be spending money on repairs and maintenance within a short span of investing in the property. A tenant will always look for a property that is of good quality and is well maintained.

4. Social infrastructure

Educational institutes, schools, colleges, hospitals, and supermarkets are necessities tenants look for. The presence of these in close vicinity of the property increases the chances of tenants choosing the property. Owners can also charge a premium for the convenience of these properties ensuring a better quality of life.

5. Future growth and appreciation

With the growth of real estate investment in Kochi, many new micro-markets are being formed on the outskirts of the city. Nettoor and Maradu are such micro markets that are poised for development in the future due to their rapid urbanization. The properties in these upcoming locations are cheaper than those in the heart of Kochi. With the growth in physical and social infrastructure, the property prices and the rentals these markets command keep appreciating. By identifying and investing in reputed projects in Nettoor and Maradu early on, one can earn good returns in future.

High-return rental properties give a regular source of income. By identifying good properties at the right location investors can enjoy the benefits of additional income which will keep appreciating with time.

Understanding Property Management Tips for Homeowners

Understanding Property Management: Tips for Homeowners

Investing in property is one of the most lucrative means of increasing your net worth today. Especially in one of the fastest-growing real estate markets, buying property is a smart decision as it not only provides appreciation on the investment but also regular rental returns. However, like any asset, property too needs to be managed effectively to maximize the returns it generates. Homeowners should follow a strategy to maximize rental returns on their property.

Important property management tips are discussed below:

1. Setting competitive rental rates

A thorough market research will give an idea of the prevailing rental rates for the property in Kerala. Factors like location, property size, amenities, and facilities need to be considered. By offering competitive rates you can expect your property to be rented faster without having long gaps in between tenants. Although tenants try to negotiate the rental rates it is always best to not allow too much leverage. This may make the tenant doubt the property’s condition or if there are any issues with the property.

2. Screening tenants

A thorough screening process of the tenants becomes necessary to ensure that the tenant does not create problems in the future. Background checks, credit checks, employment references, and supporting documents should be verified for the authenticity of the prospective tenant. Valid identity proofs like Aadhar card, PAN card, police verification, etc should be collected during the tenant registration process. This will ensure that the tenant does not default on the rent, damage the property, or threaten eviction.

3. Lease Agreement

The lease agreement is an important document that spells out the terms and conditions of the contract between the owner and the tenant. The lease agreement should be clear, concise, and easily enforceable without any ambiguity. The agreement should protect the interests of the property owner with provisions for the rent increase, late payment penalties, maintenance of the property, and renewal terms. It is mandatory to register the agreement with the authorities for it to be valid and enforceable. By avoiding potential disputes, the homeowners can ensure that the rental income is protected and there are no unnecessary expenses.

4. Maintenance of the property

A well-maintained property will attract the best tenants and ensure competitive rentals. Regular inspection of the property making sure there are no repairs, damages, or leakages, and performing necessary maintenance will justify the rent and a good relationship with the tenant. A well-cared property leaves a good impression of the owner amongst the tenants and brokers.

By setting competitive rentals, screening tenants, maintenance of the property, and having all the legal documentation and process in place, homeowners can rest assured of the expected returns on their property.

Why Location is An Important Factor When it Comes To Buying Property in Kochi

Why Location is An Important Factor When it Comes To Buying Property in Kochi

Kochi or Ernakulam is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. It is ranked 5th among 20 chosen smart cities that will receive funding for infrastructure development. The fast-paced economic development is attracting many professionals from all over the country to make the most of the opportunities Ernakulam presents. Hence, the demand for residential real estate is increasing year on year. Builders in Ernakulam are coming up with many new projects in Kochi to meet this demand. Buyers are seeking apartments, flats, villas, and independent houses for residential and investment purposes. The most important aspect while choosing a new apartment is the location. The location determines many factors that ultimately lead to buying a home of one’s choice.

Let us look at these one by one:

1. Locality

The locality is the most important factor that influences the decision to buy a home. Within a location, different localities, suburbs, and districts can be classified as premium, mid-segment, and budget. The apartments in these locations are priced accordingly. For instance, premium localities like Marine Drive and M.G. Road charge a premium for the backwater views and well-developed infrastructure. Kakkanad and Vytilla are localities where builders of Kochi offer budget apartments and villas.

2. Connectivity

Every neighborhood, locality, or suburb in a city may be well-connected or poorly connected to the important hubs. Depending on the ease of connectivity and development of infrastructure in the vicinity, a project can command a premium. Well-connected projects are also preferred by homebuyers and investors for the ease and comfort of living. If located in the city’s center with good connectivity, the value will be higher than that of a property located in the outskirts. Most luxury flats in Kochi are often located close to major hubs easily accessible by public transport.

3. Schools and Colleges

Several options for schools and colleges to choose from give parents one less thing to worry about for their ward’s future. The proximity of the educational institute, especially for children, is always a major factor for homebuyers when choosing new homes. Ernakulam is known to be an education hub with a wide variety of good educational institutes offering professional courses.

4. Healthcare

Hospitals, healthcare professionals, and dispensaries are as essential as any other amenity for a healthy and fulfilling life. One would not want to travel long distances during sickness or waste valuable time during medical emergencies. The closer the healthcare facilities, the better the project value. Be it uptown localities like Thevara and Ravipuram or budget localities like Kakkanad and Edapally, Kochi offers good healthcare options. All these locations offer apartments in Kochi that are preferred by new home buyers.

5. Recreation

A good social life is what everyone looks forward to during weekends. There should be no dearth of shopping malls, cafes, parks, museums, and places to visit within the suburb one is living in. Socializing with friends and relatives should not become a major task because you live in a remote location in the city. Choosing a location with ample avenues for recreation is essential.

The budget is an important factor when choosing a home that is in a locality with the best conveniences and infrastructure. Localities with all the conveniences usually charge a premium while those with limited options are cheaper.

Exploring the Benefits of Gated Community Living

Exploring the Benefits of Gated Community Living

A gated community is a residential complex with all the amenities and facilities enclosed within the main gates of the complex. Most builders in Kochi ensure the complexes have security and safety measures with boundaries so members are safe and comfortable. Although friends and families are allowed, they do not enjoy the same privileges as those of members who live there.

Let us dive deep into these privileges and understand the benefits of gated community living:

Security and Safety

Gated communities are manned by security at the entry and exit points of the residential complex. All luxury apartments in Kochi facilitate security personnel and surveillance systems like CCTV cameras. These ensure any unwanted entities disturb the members living on the premises. Emphasis is laid on the safety and well-being of children of all ages with the right policies for their entry and exit. This takes away stress parents experience when young children go out of their homes to play or socialize.

Traffic restrictions

In many gated community apartments in Kochi, outside vehicles are not allowed into the premises of gated communities. Moreover, those that are allowed need to register themselves in the records maintained by the security agency. The movement and speed of vehicles are restricted to avoid any untoward incidents. These rules are commonly adhered to strictly in most gated communities ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

Community Living

Gated communities create a sense of belonging and connectedness among members. The members can socialize on special occasions and festivals forming a bond. Most gated complexes are cosmopolitan these days where festivals like Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Deepawali. The bonds formed over the years help in supporting each other every day and during crises if any. Information exchange helps parents and their growing children to make the right choices and decisions.

Amenities and Facilities

Using amenities like a swimming pool and sports facilities creates bonds among the members and friendships among children. Networks and social connections are always useful in a social set-up to deal with challenges that members may face or to have good times. Children can learn social skills at social events which may not be possible in isolated buildings.


Gated community complexes in Kochi offer privacy and exclusivity of a different kind. It could be a township property in Kochi or one that has luxury villas for sale. The members of these gated communities spend their weekends in style. They have access to many different amenities which offer a host of activities they can indulge in. Weekends are like short vacations when one can get together with friends and enjoy a group activity like sports or dance tutorials. If you want to be alone, you can choose a book from the common library and lose yourself as you stretch on a hammock. The choices are endless.

As we can see, living in gated communities has many advantages that improve the quality of life by many folds. These advantages ensure residents enjoy a safe and fulfilling life.

Abad Sunrise Park 4 BHK Flats in Kochi

Abad Sunrise Park: 4 BHK Flats in Kochi

ABAD Builders has been one of Kerala’s leading real estate developers, committed to delivering luxury properties that strike the perfect balance of being environmentally friendly, cosmopolitan, and comfortable while also being best for value forms of investment. With two decades of experience, each of the projects is carefully built with the latest structural engineering technologies and incorporates amenities of modern urban living strategically located in some of Kochi’s most sought-after residential areas, thereby ensuring greater appreciation in real estate value.

ABAD Sunrise Park

Engulfed in a healthy serving of rich foliage and set amidst a serene, rapidly progressing, and well-connected neighborhood rests your ultimate dream haven, a contemporary embodiment of enriched living. Conceived to provide the perfect ecosystem for people to live, work, relax, and indulge themselves, all at one convenient address, Abad Sunrise Park, Nettoor, is a privileged enclave of tastefully designed luxury flats in Kochi to echo comfort, style, and luxury at every level, ensuring that a home is not just a place but a feeling, a feeling of pride.

Glazed in serenity and style, the tower of Abad Sunrise Park, stands tall as an exclusive enclave of homes spread across 12 floors. This edifice is bound to delight its owners with its richness and unique architectural design offering 45 comfortably large 3 and 4 BHK flats in Kochi with best-in-class common amenities and upgraded specifications. Peaceful walking paths and meditation gardens provide solitude to residents. Ample spaces on the ground, first floor, and rooftop offer many leisure and recreational facilities, adding bliss to the enjoyable times spent here. With a sky bridge connecting two wings, the terrace offers enchanting features with a multitude of soothing amenities for elders, youngsters, and children to unwind and celebrate the living spaces.

The tower is an embodiment of unsurpassed plentitude and majesty. From vast living rooms to spacious bedrooms, to expansive landscaped green areas. From comfort to convenience, leisure to pleasure, seating to jogging, running to swimming, meditation to entertainment, indoor to outdoor. For little ones and veterans, for health and fitness, for evenings and mornings, for residents and guests, Abad Sunrise Park has a place for everything and everyone, and a new reason to celebrate every single day in a lot fuller way than the day gone by.

Some of the best-in-class amenities include a Swimming pool and Kids Pool, a Well-equipped AC Fitness Center, a Play Area, an outdoor gym, and a Jogging Track meant to keep you in the best shape. A Yoga Meditation Center and Green Area with a Game Zone to ensure your mental well-being. AC Multi-Recreational Hall, Barbecue Area, and Lobby to keep you and your guests entertained.

Abad Sunrise Park is conveniently located and has easy access to social infrastructure and public transport.

Some important landmarks include:

1. Maradu Market – 800 Meters
2. Lakeshore Hospital – 1.5 km
3. Crown Plaza – 1.9 km
4. Kundanoor Junction – 2 km
5. Kumabalam Railway Station – 2.5 km

Abad Sunrise Park is an ultimate amalgamation of luxurious homes, comforting surroundings, and world-class amenities and conveniences to create wonderful memories for life.

Why ABAD Builders Recommends Buying Home in Kochi

Why ABAD Builders Recommends Buying Home in Kochi

Kochi, or Ernakulam, the queen of the Arabian Sea, is a natural wonder in the south Indian state of Kerala. Known for its scenic natural beauty and as a cultural hotspot, this city is witnessing tremendous economic growth. The city offers its residents a chance for holistic living with many experiences to explore. Most reputed builders in Kochi have recognized the city’s potential as a major attraction for new home buyers. Abad Builders is a leading developer in Kochi who has delivered some of the best residential projects catering to every need of home buyers in the city.

Let us look at some of the specialties of Kochi which distinguish it from other residential destinations:

Lap of Nature

Located in the heart of God’s own country, Kochi is blessed with the lush greenery of the tropics that mesmerizes anyone who visits it. With a serene network of backwaters, lagoons, and islands, residents can enjoy a peaceful and idyllic environment. Residents of Kochi can enjoy the coastal lifestyle, pristine beaches, and unique seafood known only in this region. Who hasn’t heard of the tranquil backwaters of Allepey? One can enjoy boat rides, houseboat stays, and still waters from time to time. Flats in Kochi by Abad Builders are in the best locations in Kochi that have easy access to the natural wonders.

History and Culture

The city’s rich history dates to many centuries. It has been a major trading hub attracting many traders and explorers from all over the globe. Historical monuments like the Chinese Fishing Nets, Mattancherry Palace, and Fort Kochi are witnesses to the city’s past. The diverse influences of many cultures from different parts of the world like Arab, Europe, and Chinese are seen in various cuisines, architecture, and festivals thriving in the city.

The art galleries, theatres, music festivals, and exhibitions have made the city famous as a melting pot for culture enthusiasts and attract many from all over the country and the world.

Infrastructure and Development

Kochi is one of the top emerging cities of India and boasts of well-planned residential areas, excellent connectivity, modern healthcare facilities, educational institutes, shopping malls, and entertainment options. The city has a robust economy driven by tourism, shipping, and marine and Information Technology industries. The government’s special focus on developing these sectors has resulted in the generation of major employment opportunities for those who wish to make the city their home. The Cochin Port and Kochi International Development have further boosted the city as a hub for economic activity.

Residential Projects

Abad builders are constructing apartments in Ernakulam that boast of the best architecture and construction quality. The homes are spacious with the finest interiors and offer high-quality spaces. Most projects offer world-class amenities including swimming pools, clubhouses, and children-specific activity centers amongst many others. They offer the highest privacy and security. Most projects in Kochi are environmentally sensitive and include green and sustainability practices in the projects.

Kochi is undoubtedly a residential paradise offering a holistic living experience for those who want to make the city their home. The home buyer is spoilt for a choice of villas and luxury apartments in Kochi. Abad builders hence recommend buying a home in Kochi to enjoy a complete lifestyle experience.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle Advantages of Living in Luxury Apartments

Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Advantages of Living in Luxury Apartments

There was a time when owning a home was not easy. The proverbial roof over the head was a state of mind given limited means of wealth creation. Today, with economic growth, people have more personal wealth. This wealth can be used to fulfill wishes and desires beyond the necessities. The rise in income allows people to reach out for a luxurious life at a pace like never before. Luxury apartments are not an indulgence limited to celebrities and industrialists only. They can be sought by anyone who desires it. Living in luxury apartments has its unique advantages.

Let us understand why one should upgrade to luxury apartments:

1. Architecture and Design

Luxury apartments in Ernakulam are designed to look grand and spacious. They have ample daylight inside the apartment with optimum ventilation so that the interiors are comfortable. The fixtures and appliances are of the best quality with good finishing that spells out elegance. The blend of aesthetics and functionality are perfect creating an ambience of luxury that is not found in budget apartments.

2. Prime Location and Convenience

Luxury apartments are always located in the prime locations of the city. They have access to the best social infrastructure and conveniences. The views from the apartments capture nature at its best offering a captivating experience. Living in the heart of the city or the best localities adds a sense of pride and allure to the residential experience.

3. Exceptional Amenities

Most residential projects offer basic amenities, however, luxury apartment amenities are exclusive and Uber. Some luxury apartments in Kochi have swimming pools of Olympic size or could be on the rooftops with mesmerizing views of the sky and the city. The fitness centres may have sophisticated equipment with provisions for all the types of exercises. Some of the amenities like rooftop gardens, concierge services and in-house gourmet cafes complete the experience of living the opulent lifestyle.

4. Enhanced Security and Privacy

Luxury flats in Ernakulam provide enhanced security and privacy with technologically advanced systems and dedicated staff. The residents can rest assured of their safety and peace of mind in their living environment fortified by gated entrances, security personnel, CCTV security system, and monitoring. Residents also enjoy the best of privacy with the apartment design cancelling out noise and keeping prying entities away.

5. Community Living

The lifestyle amenities in luxury apartments allow safe spaces for people to socialize and form communities. Events organized by the management of the complexes help people to form meaningful connections and create enriching social experiences. Festivals, Holidays, organized gatherings, and cultural activities help create communities and a feeling of belonging improving the life experience of the members living there.

Upgrading to a luxury apartment makes a difference in the overall experience of living in a residential complex. They offer both the physical and experiential advantages over living in budgeted residential projects.

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