The Growing Demand for Sustainable Housing in Kerala

God’s own country is known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. Nature has been generous with the state in blessing it with breathtaking landscapes, serene mountains, golden beaches, and a clean environment. The richness of the land needs preservation and the residents of Kerala are realizing this.

With the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable homes increasing steadily, most builders in Kochi know that it is the future of real estate in Kerala. Eco-friendly homes offer a healthy environment to live in as well as several financial benefits to leave behind a legacy for future generations.

Sustainable Housing

Construction of homes by traditional methods increases the carbon footprint due to excessive use of concrete, emission of greenhouse gases, and depletion of natural energy resources. Sustainable housing focuses on reducing environmental degradation and conserving non-renewable resources.

1. Energy efficiency can be achieved by using renewable energy resources like solar energy panels, energy-efficient appliances, and homes designed for natural lighting and ventilation. Wind, hydropower, and biomass are other sustainable options.

2. Sustainable materials like eco-friendly bricks, stone blocks, limestone blocks, and eco-friendly cement can replace traditional building materials with a high carbon footprint.

3. Conserving water by employing rainwater harvesting, recycling, and reusing household wastewater and better water management systems can go a long way in conserving water.

4. Waste management like the segregation of waste and recycling waste for composting that can be reused in the residential ecosystem are ways of improving efficiency.


Eco-friendly sustainable homes offer several benefits to residents.

1. Energy and water-efficient homes help reduce utility bills adding to the savings.

2. Sustainable materials have a longer life and reduce the cost and effort of maintenance.

3. They offer a healthy lifestyle in an environment with a lower carbon footprint and by using natural resources like wind and sunlight.


1. Most projects in Kerala now aim to get green certifications such as LEED and IGBC to promote eco-friendly homes in high demand.

2. Energy-efficient buildings and vertical gardens are common in any property in Kochi including luxury properties proving that luxury and sustainability can co-exist.

3. The presence of open green spaces allows for a healthier lifestyle by promoting physical exercise like walking and outdoor activities.

4. Smart homes and home automation can help optimum utilization of resources reducing carbon footprint.

The Kerala government has made a great effort to promote sustainable real estate development by introducing green building norms and incentivizing eco-friendly practices. By educating home buyers to opt for sustainable homes and eco-friendly living practices the demand for sustainable housing has a green future.

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