Maradu & Nettoor Emerging As Residential Hotspots After Vyttila And Kundanoor Flyovers

Kochi is a growing city and the residents in Maradu and Nettoor feel happy that the proposed flyovers in Vyttila and Kundanoor are a reality now. Being the most crowded city in Kerala, Kochi has been a vital location for home buyers. Though the traffic was haunting, the need for properties in the heart of the city had never seemed to cease.

Now, the traffic-related chaos is not at all a problem after the inauguration of flyovers, and this has resulted in greater demand for residential plots in the nearest areas.

If you are a home seeker and looking to buy flats in Ernakulam, you might have included Maradu and Nettoor in your list. But, let’s see how these two localities could find a place on the top of your list.

What makes these two places so valuable and desired among buyers?

First of all, Vyttila and Kundanoor are the major traffic interception on national highway -66 which connects the southern and northern districts of the state.

Why should you reside in Maradu?

Maradu is located near the city center and the national highways NH 85, NH 966, NH 66 pass through the region. This helped in the development of the area and the place is well connected by waterways. Maradu municipality is situated close to Kochi and one of the fastest-growing areas of Ernakulam District. The growing city is well resourced with houses, 5-star hotels, automobile showrooms, and shopping malls. The construction of flyovers reduced the intense traffic roadblock and made transportation easier. Flats in Maradu are getting more demand than before after the inauguration of flyovers.

Why should you reside in Nettoor?

Nettoor is a scenic region in Kochi city and around 5 km from Vyttila Junction. The ease of transportation after the inauguration of the flyover. Now traveling is becoming stress-free and you can reach Ernakulam Railway station within 10 minutes. There are many educational institutions near Nettoor and the Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre are situated in Nettoor. The city is well connected by roads and transportation is available to various parts of Kochi such as Edakochi, Vyttila, Kaloor, Aluva, Edapally, Thevara, and Thrippunithura. Even KSRTC low floor buses available from Nettoor to Cochin International Airport. The railway station is located in the northern part of Nettoor. Life becomes hassle-free when you buy a residential plot in Nettoor.

How Flyovers in Vyttila and Kundanoor increased the residential value? 

Both the flyovers at Vyttila and Kundanoor are expected to save a lot of commuting time on NH-66 and reduce major traffic congestion. By playing a major role in solving the traffic blocks in the city, transportation became easier and you can reach anywhere without delay.

Maradu and Nettoor have become the prime residential locations after the inauguration of flyovers and it ensures the development of the national highway. Vyttila is the busiest city near Kochi with an estimated 13,000 vehicles crossing the junction per hour and the traffic block consumes more than 30 minutes for each traveler. As a remedial measure, the government has completed the Vyttila-Kundanoor flyover project.

Flyovers have greatly helped in reducing the traffic congestion and more people showing interest in buying plots near Maradu and Nettoor for setting up residential apartments and flats in Kochi. The prospect of transportation and easy reach to major points in the city increased the value of land and building near the flyovers.


Owning a home in 2021 is possible

Our own home is the dream of every person.  The presence of a home shows the social and personal growth of the person. Today the government is trying to provide all the necessary support by working along with the developers for every citizen to fulfill their dream of achieving a self-owned home.  As a result, the first step from the government side is the affordable housing policies put forward. Today, builders in Kochi are putting efforts to layout affordable projects in their business. As known, the middle class is huge in the Indian community. So, the developers are trying to spread their business to this class realizing the importance of their dream. Nowadays the developers are trying to bring a balance between luxury and affordable projects.

Government Support to you

With affordable housing policy, reduced interest rates, and better package from the government; its time for the homebuyers to achieve their dream. We always know Indians save for the future, in terms of gold or money. But today’s generation thinks real estate is one of the better investment options. Buying out a home or flats in Ernakulam is a huge decision for every person. With proper policies and planning, the real estate sector would help you to achieve the best deal.

Efforts from the Real Estate Developers

The new home buyers and those who had put the investment plans on hold due to the lockdowns are now coming back to the market sector. This pandemic situation had made the developers come up with attractive deals and discounts for the home buyers to achieve their dream projects or apartments in Kochi. Also, many residential festive offers are in place with affordable pricing and are attracting new home buyers to the real estate sector.

Use of Better Technology

It is seen that in the upcoming time more use of digital mechanisms would be there as technology is advancing. Though, the work from home trend has come up with an initiation towards online tools. Today, builders are coming up with more digital capabilities with tools like 3D cameras, ProTech facilities, etc. Such a form of advancements has made the brands convince and sell during the lockdown process. Today homebuyers could virtually see the space without stepping outside from their area. Thus, giving priority to your health too. Creating virtual tours, displaying floor plans and 3D views are made possible by the real estate developers for better customer understanding.

A Final Thought

The builders are trying every way to satisfy each customer’s needs and expectations this year. Homebuyers trust developers who customize their offers and find better solutions to every concern raised by the customers. So, the year 2021 is one of the best times for every new homebuyer to make their home dreams come true and seek comfort in their new deal. So, why are you waiting? Start investing in a new home. Let your home dream come true. Consider this as the apt time to have your own home.


5 top benefits of buying homes at a young age?

In the young generation buying a home comes last on their priority list. They always like to enjoy their present life and live in the present moment. Living in the present moment is a good thing but sometimes you should think about the future also. Buying a home or apartment in Kochi is a wise decision if you are done at a young age. Most of the people are going to invest in homes only when they are in middle age. But buying flats in Ernakulam while you are young is the best option. Also, it is a valuable asset for them.

Here few benefits of buying homes at a young age:

Investing in your future:

Buying a home is a lifelong investment for your future. A house is one of the most important shelters for a human. Also, it is most valuable. Buying a home at your younger age is a good decision for you to invest in your future. Also, you can sell the property at any time.

Get loans easily:

We all need to calculate the funds and capital before any investment is done. So all of them apply for home loans. Because you are young, then you get sufficient time to pay the loan amount.

Get tax benefits:

One of the main benefits of buying a home with home loans can help you to be exempt from tax. Under 80C of the income tax act, homebuyers can get deductions up to 1.5 lakhs. If you are buying a home at a young age, then you can get a tax deduction at an early stage.

An additional source of income:

You rent out the new home for others and you have to reside in another place. Then you get additional income from the rent-out of a property. This is one of the good ideas for an additional source of income.

Retire early:

One of the main reasons for investment at an early age is the option to retire early and live a peaceful life. Investment in home property gives you a secondary income and also a passive income. Investment in the home will give an option to retire early. If you invest at the age of 50 then you have approx 10 years to achieve whatever you need.  But you invest at the age of 30 you can achieve up to the age of 45 to 50.

You get a high return on investment:

When you invest money in buying homes or property, you will get benefits tomorrow. Land prices are steadily increasing day by day. So you can sell the property at any time for profit. So real estate is a better investment than any other investment.

At the early stage of your life, you are your boss and your income is passive. But starting your career you have so many responsibilities like family, etc. So this kind of investment is a very good idea. Once you invest money in-home or buy any property. Then you will be responsible for handling money flow. So the rental income from the property is very beneficial to you.

Some tips to buy the home at a young age:

  • Knowledge about your budget
  • Research on your home or property
  • Awareness about the home loan
  • Compare home loans
  • Improve your credit scores.
  • Latest real estate demand

Homeownership is a better way to invest in your future. When you give rental income to someone, there is no profit or benefit. But when you buy a home, the value of the home will increase day by day. So buying a home or flats for sale in Ernakulam is a better option to earn more in the future.


The significance of taking care of your outdoor spaces

Outdoor space is the place outside your home. Outdoor living space can improve your health. You can sit outside, enjoy the surroundings, sounds of nature, and birds. These all are good for your health as well as your mind. Today people give more importance to outdoor living spaces. It is essential to everyday life for getting fresh air. Many home builders and flats in Edapally are designing beautiful homes with lawns and spaces. They are also doing beautiful interiors. But they forget about the importance of outdoor spaces. Outdoor living spaces have so many benefits like it improves family relationships, relax the body, and mind, etc. The below are some benefits of outdoor living spaces.

Boost your immunity:

The fresh air consists of pesticides. It is an airborne chemical produced by plants for self-protection. So breathing this phytoncide helps our body to increase the production of NK WBC. That kills infected cells in your body. So it is very good for increasing immunity power.

Increase vitamin-D level:

A human being needs 7-9 hours of sleep. Due to work and all, they didn’t get time to get sunlight. So the majority of people have a vitamin-D deficiency. Studies told that min 15 minutes of sunshine a day increase vitamin-d levels. So you can spend time outdoors to get this.

Prevent Nearsightedness:

In children, spending more time outdoors has less in the development of nearsightedness. But in adults, those who are spending more time with computers will increase the chance for nearsightedness. So spend time outdoors to avoid computer vision syndrome disease.

Improve your mood:

Spending time with nature will decrease stress and tension. It refreshes the mind. If you are tense with working hours, then spending some time with nature will decrease your stress. So it is very good for your mind refreshment and improves your mood.

Strengthen relationships:

Communication is the key to a good relationship. Nowadays everyone is busy with their job and all. So there is no more time to interact with the family. It will decrease the value of family relationships. Spending your time together with nature increases the communication between family members and strengthens your relationship.

Improve work performance:

Spending time outdoors can reduce mental stress and it will increase creativity level and improve your mental and physical well-being. So you can perform well in your workspace. You can spend time with outdoor activities and that will improve your performance.

Improve memory:

Spending time outdoors can improve your memory and increase your focus power. A study found that a person’s memory increased by 20% after walking in nature. So nature will boost your memory and attention.

Reduce stress:

Being in nature can reduce your hypertension, muscle tension, and blood pressure. The cool and clean space in your outdoors helps to reduce stress and get better sleep.

Live longer:

The increasing time outdoors reduces the risk for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, etc.
Spending time outdoors is to improve both mental and physical health. People who spend more time outdoors have happier and healthier lives. So the home builders designed homes and flats in Maradu with beautiful outdoor spaces. The outdoor space will allow you to spend more time and breathe fresh air.


How Apartment Living Can Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is an important factor in having a peaceful, pleasant, and satisfying life. Nowadays, people follow a busy work schedule like meetings, overtime work, discussions, travels, presentations, etc. This continuous process irritates a person’s mental and physical health. All the people are searching how to improve work-life balance. Living in flats in Edappally can help with a better work-life balance. There are so many positive factors for apartment life. It offered a positive state of mind. During this Covid-19 pandemic, peace of mind is one of the main requirements for work from home employees. The work-from-home option also affected negatively for many. The continuous hours of work affect their personal life more. Their work-life balance can be affected due to a lack of good social life, no outings, no other entertainment options, etc. The given below are some tips to improve your work-life balance.

Relax After Work 

The apartment has so many facilities like walkways, parks for stress release and relaxation. Walking through the beautifully landscaped parks, gardens, and green-surrounded parks will help you to mood change and give relief from tension. Keeping some time helps to relax your body and mind after work. It helps to forget the worries. You can utilize the time with family. Most of the apartments consist of a swimming pool, games room, gardens, etc for relaxation. It will maintain the work and personal life.

Fitness Centre 

Sitting in front of a computer for a long time is bad for your health. The body will weak due to a lack of exercise. Most people didn’t get time for exercise due to their busy schedules. Another advantage of living in an apartment is the facilities like fitness centers, yoga rooms, jogging facilities, etc. Then you easily make this a habit for your daily life. And exercise becomes a part of your daily routine. A happy refreshed mind and a healthy body will refresh your mood and work life.

Live in a Classy Community 

People who live in close communities are always happier than others. The community helps you to make friendships and participate in various events, celebrations, and occasions. Some apartments conduct events, hobby classes, yoga classes, etc for the resident’s engagement. So you can participate in all the events for entertainment and enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle. Also in case of any emergency, neighbors are ready to help. Well-maintained community life is needed for a blissful life.

Maintenance Support 

It is very difficult to call the maintenance person when any damage happens in between your office work. Another most commonly seen issue is a power failure and water supply. But in flats in Ernakulamthe caretaker will monitor all these issues and do the needful in such a situation.

Handling all the activities with your work is very difficult to handle. So people living in the apartments don’t have to worry about this kind of issue.

Parks & Outdoor Spaces 

The apartments consist of parks, green outdoors, and gardens. The natural atmosphere gives a lot of positive vibes to relax your mind and body. It is very important in your busy work schedule. Nowadays most of the flats are constructed with wooden interiors, gardens, play areas, etc. These facilities do not only benefit you but are also beneficial for kids also. Kids also get space for play and make themselves happy. The flats have a high-security system. So do not worry about the children also.

These are the few methods to improve the work-life balance of working professionals. A work-life balance not only minimizes overtime work but also reduces stress and becomes refreshed. A life of comfort is the main reason for many working professionals to select flats in Cochin. It is part of a healthy and happy life.


Some aspects to make the right property investment in your budget

Real estate investment is a tricky business, especially if you are a first-time investor. It is very hard for you. Getting the right property that matches your budget is a challenging task that buyers face. Background research can help the buyers to select the appropriate property within the budget. The real estate market in India deals with various types of properties like land, apartments for sale in Kochi, villas, and commercial spaces.

Decide the location: 

The first step in the property investment process is to find the right location. It would be better to find out the location in your native city or working place is an important factor before selecting the ideal location. Remote locations are cheaper than locations within the city. So depending upon your investment choose the location that is right for you.

Calculate the budget: 

The second step in the investment process after selecting the location is a calculation of the budget. To check how much money you are able to invest in the new property. If you are a first-time buyer, then it would be better to consult a qualified financial advisor to know about your bank loan eligibility. Once the budget is set, then start to find a different option that matches within the limit.

Get to know your market: 

The real estate investment market has to change day by day. That’s why through market research, you have to find out the current market trends, prices, interest rates, and development which allow you to recognize the current market status and you should plan accordingly. It is better to invest in an area in which the property price is rising fastly. It is good for the future also and compares the different types of properties in the same locality. It will help to find out the pros and cons.

Size and type of property: 

Finding the right property is a difficult task. You can find a lot of properties of different sizes and types in your chosen location. The price of land depends upon the location whether it is a city or village. Land prices vary with location, size, age, and type of property. Buying ready-to-occupy

villas or apartments is a good way of earning money. Another best investment option is investing in an ongoing project. Ongoing projects price is lesser than the price of completed projects.

Know your needs: 

Another main thing is the actual purpose of investment. Different people have different intentions for the investment. For some, it may be their dream home or flat for sale in Kochi and for some others, it may be for earning money. So understanding your needs is an important thing. If you are selecting a house, then you need to have some space for a garden, a play area, etc.

Clear your debts: 

It is last but not least. Clearing all your existing debts will help to achieve your dream villa or flat fastly. While you are applying for a loan, the bank will check your credit score or find any debt to income ratio. Then if you have any pending debts, you won’t get the loan easily. So try to settle all the debts before buying a property.

The above are some aspects that give you a good idea about how to make the right property investment in your budget. You should be up-to-date on the current market trends. It will help you become a good investor. A property like a flat in Kochi, villa, or home is a valuable asset for the future.


A Guide to Starting a Balcony Kitchen Garden

A touch of green brings so much positivity to our living spaces. Today, some of the most prominent villa projects in Kochi focus on healthy living and recreating fortifying green spaces within the four walls of city life. If you are having apartments for sale in Kochi, you too can plan a tiny balcony kitchen garden and resell the living spaces.

For those of us, who have been used to living on acres of land where our ancestors have cultivated the veggies for our daily meals; city life would naturally make you miss that experience. How many of you actually love the scent of wet soil? To pluck your own home-grown veggies and serve them at the table – is a feeling that can be indescribable at times.

It does not seem as complex as more garden lovers think so. We are here to give simple, yet fulfilling, and affordable kitchen gardens that can make your balconies heaven on their own.

Spot the sun-kissed zone 

It goes without saying that any plant needs a daily dose of sunshine to grow. Choose that corner of your balcony in the apartment which gets sunlight. By the way, you need a moderate intensity of sunlight and for probably most of the day, the rays should flow in. While tenants look for a flat for sale in Kochi, most of the time, they check if the balcony is sunlit adequately.


Understand what sort of pots, plant-soil mixing bowls, trays are needed to fit into such a compact space. You can purchase terracotta pots or ceramic or plastic ones as per your budget and preference.


Next, list down the herbs, veggies, and decorative plants you long to have in your balcony garden in your Kochi apartment. You could grow spinach, coriander, tomatoes, mint, chilies, and flowers that you prefer.

Layout Design 

The kitchen garden layout should not only look attractive but should allow you to easily sit, water, and watch them grow. You need to plan their waste drainage and waste disposal while living in a flat in Kochi.

Plant Growth Style 

Depending on the type of apartments for sale in Kochi, you can redesign the plant growth style. For example, you can usually have contemporary vertical gardens on your apartment balcony or go for a pathway of neatly arranged pots.

Perfect Soil Blend 

Yes, a highly critical point to keep in mind. Depending on the type of plants you want to grow on the apartment balcony, choose the soil. It should have nutrients, water absorption, and the right PH balance to help seedlings grow.

Winding Up 

If you are a plant lover, just as much as we are; then jot down the above points and get your little kitchen garden rolling. As mentioned before, you could add value to your apartments for sale in Kochi, once you prepare a ready-use kitchen garden for your new buyers.

The efforts are all worth it when you get to see the happy smiles and even participate in their first harvest! Seriously, these balcony kitchen gardens are more than a hobby. It is a way of healthy living for everyone who lives in cities like Kochi today.


Changing Face of Kerala Housing

The experiences and learnings of the last two years during the pandemic have reinforced the idea that apart from health, a safe and convenient home is the single most important and valuable place every one would like to be when the chips are down. Kerala is unique and always different to the rest of India in so many ways as has been proven even during this pandemic. Even as kerala remains a great tourist destination with outstanding natural beauty and great facilities, the very high percentage of keralites residing outside the State for better livelihood opportunities goes to prove the paradox that kerala still remains one of the most difficult states in India in the Ease Of Doing Business for entrepreneurs especially in the infrastructure sector.

Inspite of that fact, the development of numerous best in class housing projects across the State over the years to cater to specific needs of different segments of society augers well and is a key attraction to any Keralite to prefer to own an address which they can safely come home to. A comparison of housing stock of developments in kerala market and outside has many stark differences. For one, the limited availability and high value of developable land in kerala cities restricts the volume of such developments. Even as there is very little urban rural divide across cities and towns in terms of infrastructure, the social facilities provided both by private and govt initiatives in kerala cities go a long way to make city living easier and wholesome, thereby improving its attractiveness.

Being a state where the majority of the raw materials for development comes from across the country and carrying the tag of providing the highest labour wages in India (nearly twice more than the next highest State) thereby attracting significant migrant labourers, the value of creating any real estate asset in kerala has always been much more than other tier 2 or 3 cities outside kerala. With emphasis of most residential developments being more on quality than on quantity, it augers well for the future of the discerning home buyer. A lot more time and effort towards design, products offering and services are provided by reputed developers in the creation of such sustainable edifices.

It is indeed remarkable that during the numerous natural calamities which unfortunately kerala had to bear the brunt off over the last four years, the residential and commercial developments of the credible and organised developers stood out as pockets of excellence and safe investment haven. This goes to show that any judgment to acquire property should be made based on full understanding of the product and the overall big picture. Nevertheless kerala society as a whole including NRKs has had to face numerous challenges during the last decade one after another, and its stoic resilience in the face of adversity and hardship is indeed remarkable.

As for kerala real estate, a new dawn beckons in the horizon for the home choices available, the attractiveness of low home loan finances (lowest ever in banking history) , the reduction of risk of delivery and the certainty of quality it promises (with RERA in place) . This new phase is undoubtedly going to transform housing with the variety it provides, the inclusion of asset management services for better and longer quality of the property, and the transformation of interior spaces with the largest collection of furnishing solutions available.

It is always good to remember that the future replacement cost of a good quality real estate asset is much more than when it was initially created. With inflation playing a factor and market appreciation of the product being another, the intrinsic value of homes have only seen a steady increase. Once the national model rental act becomes applicable the certainty of improved rental incomes will accelerate the attractiveness of housing as an asset class. Though there is a timeframe and documentation process to transact this asset class, the compliances for such matters in kerala are far improved and much better compared to the neighbouring States.

CREDAI kerala has been continually working pro actively over the last 15 years with the local and state government to ensure the uncertainties and challenges of real estate developments are minimised. Most of the statutory bodies like KWA, Kseb, PCB, LSGD, Revenue, etc still follow complicated and time consuming procedures and its functionings are still far from satisfactory needing many interventions from time to time to rectify and streamline it . But for credai kerala providing relevant inputs and highlighting to the government such problem areas, the scenario would not have been manageable. Though the Right to Services Act is in place, the effectiveness of these govt departments in quickly responding to provide the basic necessities leaves much to be desired. Both the home owners and the developers will be much relieved once the vexed issue of inordinate delays in service connections are sorted out once and for all!

Unfortunately, as entry barriers to housing development were few in India , we also saw poorly planned and risky projects in kerala failing which gave a bad name occasionally for the industry of organized housing. Obviously failed or stalled projects attract significant negative attention with investors and buyers funds stuck for long periods of time. And it isn’t easy to complete such projects due to multiplicity of issues involved. Of course, with more awareness now, the buyers are able to now better judge and decide their preferred property from among the viable options available.

It goes without saying that community living is the future for housing as it brings forth a lot of advantages together and instills a sense of belonging among the residents. Apart from making economic sense, it is better towards environmental issues and more sustainable in the longer run. There are hundreds of wonderful projects established over the years in our cities by seasoned developers which are shining examples of great development. Aided by a responsible residents association willing to manage the community affairs subsequently, the transition and support to maintaining the residential asset to its desired standards can be easily ensured. In larger developments , professional property management agencies are engaged to provide the highest standards of continuing care for a wide range of services which gives complete comfort and peace of mind to all the residents and owners.

Overall, with the sharp increase in all raw materials prices over the last one year across India, the cost of real estate development has shot up drastically. In keeping with the demand, this has resulted in quicker sales of ready to occupy stock, leading to many projects being launched in the last one year. And with the safety net of RERA available, customers can be more relaxed on product delivery timelines. Specific requirements of new age customers and improved amenities are also being offered keeping in view the changes happening in the work place, travel and communication platforms.

So the next few years looks promising for the organised real estate market as even well settled Keralites from across India make a renewed comeback to the State preferring the wholesome lifestyle kerala cities offers its citizens. That is a testimony to the high standards maintained and unique value offered by Kerala developers in their projects.

Dr. Najeeb Zackeria

Managing director

Abad builders private limited 


Factors to consider while purchasing a flat if you want to resale it in the future

Is a flat resale on your mind? Surely, the apartments for sale in Kochi have to put a lot of thought while making a sale for any flat in Kerala. If you purchase a flat as part of your investment plan, it is great, but makes you take the following points into consideration while buying a flat from the Builders in Kochi. We will walk you through the essentials of flat purchase and resale in Kochi.

Commute Accessibility 

Even if you are purchasing a premium villa or a flat in Kochi within a gated community, the commute convenience is a big factor. It should be easily accessible to the nearby malls, hospitals, public transport and easily accessible on the main roads.

Secure Neighborhood 

While selling your apartments for sale in Kochi, the safety factor is to be well-thought, So, even if your apartment is a bit pricey, if it is situated in a good, safe location, future sales will be possible. This is particularly useful for resale to families and single women with children.

Lifestyle Amenities 

Ensure that it matches your lifestyle. Choose vicinities where you have nearby schools, clubs, and it should be easily reachable to workplaces zones in Kochi like the Infopark. Today, a flat for sale in Kochi will be sold only if it matches the middle-income groups of society. You may not have to visit all these places every day, but a casual walk to a nearby park for children and elders is surely an attractive point. In metropolitan cities like Kochi, people love to choose flats that are not amid traffic congestion and chaos. You will be able to charge higher rent for the ambience and security your flat promises at the time of the sale.


With the hidden dangers posed by nature nowadays, people check for the occurrences of various issues in the area. So, henceforth builders in Kochi should ensure that the place remains safe from floods, lightning, fire, earthquakes and is also prone to political fights or chaos. A good resale can be executed only if the new client hears no complaints about the flat owner and the area. So, make sure you exhibit goodwill – if you aim to get a lucrative resalable value for your apartment in Kochi.

Building Fixtures 

Now, if you are looking to purchase flats, first you would see if the fixtures within the apartment and building are intact and of premium quality. While considering apartments for sale in Kochi, people look into good apartment service, plumbing, backup power systems, transport and parking facilities, etc. Along with this, ensure that the building management is approachable and the rent and other services are handled with total transparency.

To Sum Up 

Of course, there are plenty of red flags that you need to look into while selecting a flat for sale in Kochi, but we have listed the most notable factors for a quick read. A good investment with wise decisions can help you live, and even earn a stable income for your future generation.


Tips to Save Space in Your Apartment

Your Apartment is your comfort zone and when thinking about how to live in flats in Edappally, space is the first thought that strikes many of us. For those, who would have recently moved into any of the flats in Cochin, we got a couple of saving space tips to keep in mind.

Especially, when we come out from our parent’s home, a modest 1 bedroom flat or even a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment may seem to feel stuffy. But a little layout change can bring in all the positive vibes flowing into your normal life.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and see how we utilise the 5 space saving ideas we have and transform them into something really awesome.

Kitchen Space 

Food is our way of depicting some family love and probably to shoot a fabulous peer party! In flats in Kochi, you need to have only the necessary pots and pans. Fit in more drawers, hooks, shelves where you can place food items, and store dry foods. Add in small cabinets so that you do not need to place all the foodstuffs and kitchen gadgets around the place.

Bathroom Storage 

Lifestyle can be improved by rectifying the bathroom space malfunctions. This nifty corner of cleanliness should have cabinets that carry accessories, medicines, washing powders, shoe stands, and cloth baskets that you may need for daily living. This is a rough use room, so that will greatly benefit to save space in your flats in Edappally.

Bedroom Clutter is a No 

Bedrooms in flats in Cochin are the point of cosiness for all of us. Let’s not stuff it with all the clutter that cannot be displayed outside. Instead, we need closet organisers. Just place only the clothes, bedspreads, and accessories that you need for the season. The rest should go to sleep in the under-bed spaces, above the cupboards, and even on the balcony. Pack well, so that bugs, moss, and dust don’t get accumulated.

Laundry Storage Level Up 

This is our dump-in the corner in every home and that needs to be brought to a stop. If rearranged a bit, seriously the laundry storage can be such a sweet spot for so many essential home items. In flats, where the laundry space has small closets, and cabinets in a horizontal arrangement, store things that need not be opened always or perhaps have rough use. It means planting seeds, garden equipment, wiping, and cleaning gear.

Garden Spread 

The balcony in most flats in Cochin is one area where you get to breathe fresh air and soak in some Vitamin D. So, make the most of it. Add a mini office space, folding tables, stable cable, and cabinets where you can store files without the attack of mites.

The Shift is an Inspiring Living experience 

You can now explore your flats in Ernakulam and revamp the dingy space with these practical, low-cost apartment space ideas. We have a reputation to improve living for each of our clients because we strongly believe that homes are where happiness is born. That space cannot be cluttered but should give a space for fresh thoughts every minute.

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