Tips on how to choose the right Real Estate agent

Are you looking for an apartment to buy or rent out in Kochi? That means you will also need to look out for the right real estate agent. This process is more time-consuming if you are new to the place. To start with you need to know the Builders in Kochi in terms of their work, goodwill, quality, and diversity of projects. Be it completed, ongoing, or the news – you have to have your homework done.

Conduct Your Own Research

Real Estate Agents are good at presenting their clients with a lot of information. Such practices are quite common in the real estate business. As a client looking for flats in Kochi, you should take the time to know more about the property or place they are interested in. They will make claims like “The property value will increase sharply in the immediate future so you have to buy it immediately” or regarding other projects in the nearby area. Instead of absorbing the agent’s words as such, think a little further.  You should understand the estimated price of the land, any issues or problems in the nearby places, etc. 

Also, it is best not to depend upon a single agent. You can get a better picture and idea by speaking to multiple agents and this will help you make a better choice. Moreover, it is better to visit some property listing websites to understand the prevalent prices in the concerned area. You can make use of websites like and Olx as well. Although there are other such websites available, not all of them are genuine. 

Discuss the agent fees

Most of the agents are quite hesitant when it comes to discussing the agent fees in the initial part of the deal. Even if you insist upon it, they will ask to discuss it upon the completion of the deal. This is a tactic for them to command a fee in proportion to the value of the deal. Moreover, it could lead to a lot of disputes down the line as well. So, it is best that all the discussions regarding the agent fees are completed upfront. If you can’t reach an agreement with the agent regarding the fees, it is best that you opt for another agent.

Ask Your friends and family for recommendations 

If you are finding a tough time narrowing down a real estate agent, then you can always look to your family and friends regarding their experiences with real estate agents. The real estate sector has always been quite hot in Kerala and someone in your close circle might have been involved in a real estate transaction recently. Also, agents recommended by your friends and relatives are much less likely to charge extra fees from you as they would like to maintain the fruitful relationship they have with their initial clients. 

Discuss with the recent clients of the agent 

An easy way to determine whether the agent is good for you is to communicate with his recent clients. You can ask questions regarding his capabilities, personality, and behavior. You should also enquire if they faced any issues in the transaction due to the agent and how the agent responded to such issues. Moreover, you can also ask them about the kind of fees the agent expects to receive and whether they were satisfied with the work of the agent ultimately. This will help you to decide whether the agent is a match for you. 

Verify the Agent Credentials

It is always a good idea to check the track record of the agent regarding the sales he has done. We recommend choosing an agent with a good reputation. You should ask the agent to give an overview of their apartments in Kochi and the locations they work in. If possible, then ask for references too. A reputed real estate agent will furnish the same with no second thoughts. If the agent has a personal website or social media profile, then you can get a good idea about his previous works and how credible the agent is. Evidence is more important than speech and you should be judging the agent with their work rather than their words. Besides, it is better to avoid agents who do not prefer to meet face-to-face or avoids providing key information regarding the property. You should not rush into any sort of deal if the agents are not providing key details. 

Verify the Agent License

This is one thing that most people tend to ignore. In fact, there is a license required for real estate agents in Kerala. They have to register with the real estate regulatory authority (RERA) before conducting any sale. Moreover, you can connect with concerned authorities to see if there are any pending cases or disciplinary proceedings against the agent. We would recommend you have a copy of the agent license. This is because if you run into any issues regarding the sale, the license copy might be a lifesaver. 

Decide on the selling strategy

Another important detail is to ensure that you and your agent are on the same page when it comes to strategies to be adopted while selling. You need to decide on the number of showings, whether you will do an open house and the expected price. Moreover, the marketing tactics have to be decided as well.

Understand the scope of the agent

Real Estate Agents deal with two kinds of people-the buyers as well as sellers. The buyers would prefer the price to be lower while the sellers would like to command a price as high as possible. Therefore, you must discuss with the agent to see if he has any allegiance or affiliation with the other party. It is best that the agent is neutral as this would make for a fair transaction. Else, there is a very good chance that the agent sides with the seller to gain a price as high as possible so as to gain a big commission fee. 


Find your dream home in Kochi with ABAD Builders’ wide selection of flats

Buying property in Kerala does need certain precautions and they do become the best investments ever in your whole life. For several reasons, investing in Kerala, and apartments in Kochi, would be the best, and owning property in a state like Kerala is always a matter of prestige. While buying new construction in Kerala, there is always appreciation for the property with healthy returns on your investment. The return on investment is moreover made available while the property is sold, rented or leased out, which could be ultra necessary as the available land is not increasing.

Make Your Dream come True with Abad Builders 

Abad Builders, the name itself says it all, has been redefining and delivering classy living spaces in Kerala. They have been prestigious from then on and have been booming in the real estate industry with some of the best reasons to consider. moving to this city if you want to take your wealth creation to the next level with real estate investment to match the boasts of a burgeoning IT industry like Kochi. They have been in the industry for decades and have been an ideal companion to cope with the massive career opportunities and foreign investment. As the real estate sector has increased manifold in a smart city like Kochi, being home to airport terminals, commercial growth, port-based industry development, cross-metro rail, and tourism; getting into property investment at a place like Kochi would be an ideal solution. If you want to get into property investment, then Abad Builders offers the home to some of the best properties in India.

The title deed for Abad Builders is clear enough to be trustworthy in the industry, and no worries are associated with simple development rights. The demand for the rightful owner is clear and covered well with Abad Builders, as they solely own the land they use for the development. The thought of purchasing an apartment or villa will be edible with Abad Builders’ magnificence of the property you own. The brand Abad Builders, design apartments or flats methodically and places the most-demanding opportunity in more than just being an address. Their identity over the years has been creating a sustainable environment and their reputation has been the vanguard of quality living and elite lifestyles. Abad Builders affirm the meticulous standards committed to formulating a responsible firm. 

Abad Builders have prominent home spaces and apartment buildings, among which most are situated in the city and adjoining districts. It has excellent connectivity and the number is growing with luxury amenities. Abad Builders have been at the forefront to introduce modern luxury facilities that are well-maintained with ultra modernity and efficiency. They have always been the favourite brand for international and domestic investors and have been a first-class operation since their origin. The international investors have a significant connection with Abad Builders, they have grown at a fast pace with the availability of excellent infrastructure. Investors worldwide who wish to have a home in India prefer Abad Builders for their transparent procedures and pricing strategies. 

For buying the flats in Ernakulam, land zoned as commercial, it is important to ensure the land is under a reputable owner and if it is Abad Builders, then it’s time for a huge sigh of relief. Abad builders are specifically convinced with the evident proof for ensuring the land you are buying has been zoned for the purpose of constructing a commercial building. 

Choosing a home with all the amenities is no longer a dream when you have Abad Builders on your side. To meet the requirements of your amazing dream within no time, look forward to Abad Builders, fulfilling the desire for your dream home. A home is a long-term investment and only an ideal partner like Abad Builders to help you with the right budget can be truly satisfied and relevant steps to be taken to make a ‘house’ a ‘home’. The builder you select matters a lot with the inevitable part, the location, and the Abad team offers the entire facility at the right location. 

The real estate market specifically mentions the amenities in the first half of the marketing session and many fail to provide to the point. Abad Builders actually provides all the amenities mentioned and simply the process suitable to your wishes and convenience. They are up to the mark in terms of quality and choosing them never would go wrong as their practice is to deliver the home as per the requirements. The maintenance service would never be your matter of concern if you choose to partner with Abad Builders. 

Your selection goes sensibly with Abad Builders for flats in Kochi and proves the best builder for the demand for the overall facilities by attaining the trust and support of the clients. The financial security at Abad Builders is easy to handle and can end up at your major wish for enough bedrooms, family dining, kitchen space, work area, parking, an attractive corridor, etc. They simplify your tension regarding loans and make your way to your dream home easy with simple hassle-free procedures. With Abad Builders nothing falls for your concern, it is just a matter to ensure the aspects, which are of higher priority. They keep themselves active and worthwhile with less client involvement for which you will be thankful for the user-friendly and long-term collaboration effort.


5 Advantages of Taking a Home Loan

Advantages of taking a home loan

‘Home’ conjures up images of comfort, joy, pride, and family. One of the biggest financial decisions you will likely make in your lifetime is whether to buy a home. If you are thinking about applying for a home loan, that decision becomes much more significant.

The majority of loans are regarded as liabilities. However, a house loan cannot be compared to gold loans or personal loans because purchasing a home is creating an asset that often increases in value over time, making home loans advantageous in the long term. The benefits of taking out a home loan are highlighted in the article below.

1. Affordable for all

A typical middle-class salaried individual may now more easily afford to buy a home, thanks to the home loan. Based on the applicant’s credit score and capacity to repay the loan, banks decide whether to approve or reject a home loan application. Lenders will rapidly accept your application if you have a steady source of income and the ability to make the agreed-upon EMIs. Home loans also have a lengthy term, often between 15 and 20 years, so the EMI is lower and more manageable.

2. Cost Effective Credit

In contrast to other kinds of loans, like gold loans or personal loans, lenders provide home loans at appealing and cheap rates of interest. According to the borrower’s profile and the lender’s policy, the interest rate typically varies from 7% to 8.5%.

3. Due Diligence of the Lender

Since purchasing a home is often a once-in-a-lifetime investment, you undoubtedly want to make sure the property is clear of any outstanding legal matters. When you apply to a lender for a home loan, the lender will thoroughly investigate both the property and the builder’s reputation. They will examine the paperwork related to the property and make sure the builder has all the necessary clearance certifications from the local authorities, as well as that the construction is lawful. If you look at top builders in Ernakulam, for instance, you will find that their upcoming projects are often pre-approved because of their long-standing record.

4. Tax Benefits

This is yet another important advantage of getting a home loan. If you pledged your property as collateral for a loan, you will be able to deduct taxes on both the principal and interest portions of the payback. You may deduct the payments of the principal portion of the mortgage under Section 80C. The highest deduction allowed in this case is ₹1.5 lakh.

5. Savings

Each payment you make on your home loan is essentially also saving you money for the future, as you are building equity in the property. As you build equity, you are essentially saving money because you have a greater ownership stake in the property. This can be helpful if you decide to sell the home in the future, as you may be able to sell it for more than you paid for it and use the proceeds to buy a new home or invest in something else.


5 Efficient Ideas for Your New Home

Perhaps you’ve lived in your home for a considerable period of time and it’s finally, an ideal time for an upgrade. Or you may be assembling a new house without any preparation and need to make something wonderful.

Either way, you would be searching for ideas to make your space fun, functional, productive, and green. In many apartments in Kottayam, residents are often in a dilemma as to where do you go for these ideas for the design of your new home? The answer is that you could begin following expert home builders and interior designers for getting their feedback, or you could simply read on.

Hopefully, you would have chosen to read on because you are going to discover 7fabulous ideas on what you should add to your home to build a unique space for you.

USB wall charger 

Many recently built flats in Edappally come with wall outlets that have USB spaces nowadays.  However, regardless of whether you already have a completely built home, they’re a fantastically worthy option that is simple to include for somebody with a touch of electrical experience.

Steam shower 

These showers not just have medical advantages like helping you to unwind, installing one will probably raise the value of your home. Also, they are amazingly green. While regular showers utilize seven gallons of water for each minute, steam showers utilize just one.

Impact-rated windows 

For instance, If you are living in a waterfront region where storms are normal, windows like these are legally necessary, yet, for those living in different zones, there are numerous advantages to using impact windows. For example, they offer improved security, decreased noise, and better energy efficiency, making them a wise investment.

Outside theater 

An Outside theatre is incredible as it can be done in a low-end, DIY way (utilizing a projector and straightforward open-air seating), or you can go hard and make a genuine performance center in a space designed for projection and built-in seating.

Secret rooms

Do you like privacy? Along with doors, have some shelves assembled that open to allow you to go from one room to another.

Window seats

What’s better than having a seat by the window where you can curl up with your favorite book and spent the day reading? A seat by the window is a useful expansion to any new home or rebuilt project. Moreover, it can also be used as a storage space.

Stair shelves

In many flats in Kottayam, stair shelves are a popular way to make use of your space. They are great because of the utility along with adding a fun and funky design aesthetic to your home. Stair shelves are hence always a great idea.


Why Investing In Real Estate Is A Good Idea

In these uncertain times, deciding on the best investment option is a difficult task for most people. Everyone is on the lookout to make the highest returns in the shortest possible time without losing out on their principal amount. In fact, there is no investment that can give you high returns without a degree of risk involved.

If we are to look at the various investment options available, we will see that investing in equity does not assure a fixed return and also involves a high degree of risk, as it is market linked. Mutual funds are mostly equity linked and any fluctuation in equity markets will adversely affect the performance of the fund. Fixed deposits, is seen as a safe avenue, but there’s hardly any return on your investment, considering that the banks are constantly reducing interests on term deposits. Government bonds are safe investments assuring a fixed return, but the returns are not high and the duration is far too long.


Investing in gold is an option that is quite popular especially in India. It has always been considered wise to invest in gold, for its high liquidity. But in reality, you lose much more than gain when we try to sell off gold in the form of jewelry; so investing in gold is not such a wise option, after all.

Despite the host of investment options available today, let’s examine why real estate is still considered to be the best investment avenue. The Indian Real Estate Consumer report for April – May 2020 finds that 35% of investors prefer to invest in real estate than gold (28%), fixed deposits (22%) or stocks (15%).

Real Estate fetches returns in two ways; it gets you a capital appreciation and also earns a rental return. The apartment or house, or the plot of land that you invest in will appreciate well over a period of time. You can rent out the apartment or house and earn a good rental return as well. Apart from the capital appreciation, investing in real estate also provides you with tax benefits.

While investing in real estate, a few points should be borne in mind, so as to make the right choice. If you are looking to invest in an apartment, it is important to check out the credibility of the builder; how long has the builder been in business, the number of projects delivered, whether these projects have been delivered on time, the quality of construction etc. are a few important points to look out. Reading up on customer reviews would be very helpful. The location of the house or apartment decides the kind of value appreciation and rental returns you can expect.

You should thoroughly go through the plan of the apartment and decide whether it completely meets your requirement of a home. It doesn’t matter whether it is for your personal use or whether you are planning to rent it out. A well planned and laid out apartment with good amenities and ambience fetches better resale and rental returns. Some builders offer fitted out apartments, which will save you the hassle of getting it done yourself, even though this would be more expensive.

You can also consider investing in commercial properties in good locations, if you are planning on a bigger investment in real estate. The advantage is that the returns on investment, both in terms of rental and the asset value appreciation, would be much higher as compared to an apartment or a house.

Even though in the current pandemic scenario, people seem to be deferring their decision of home buying, possibly owing to liquidity concerns and general uncertainty, a recent survey conducted by the National Real Estate Development Council, shows that people will again start investing in real estate in the next six months. The pandemic has alerted people, especially the NRIs that it is indeed a necessity to have a home back in India. Those people who stay in rented homes have also realized the importance of having a home of their own.

 “The addition of real estate to a portfolio of diversified assets can lower portfolio volatility and provide a higher return”says Investopedia. Investing in real estate properties is the best way to build a diversified financial portfolio, as real estate assets are real and tangible and provide a much greater level of security than any other investment option.

For more information on reliable and prudent real estate investment in Kochi, please contact: 9072369966



The author of this blog is Prasidha Prabhakaran. She is a freelance marketing professional. Her journey in Real Estate began in 1995 when she joined Abad Builders. In the last 25 years of her career, she has worked in the different domains of Sales, Marketing and Customer Care with Builders in Kerala and also those with pan India operations. This vast experience has endowed her with profound knowledge of the Real Estate industry, both in Kerala and rest of India. She is currently engaged as a marketing consultant for Abad Builders.


Should You Buy a Home During COVID-19?

As the whole world is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic and businesses are struggling to keep afloat, there is uncertainty all around, be it in terms of jobs, dividends, stocks, or finances. Likewise, the economic imbalance has also affected homebuyers and investors who were ready to make a real estate investment just before the disease started spreading at a fatal rate. So, the question is whether you should buy a home during COVID – 19. Let’s find out.

Benefits of Investing Now

Low Lending Rates

The RBI has recently announced a repo rate cut, that will bring down the interest rates on home loans. As a result, most banks launched new home loan products linked to the repo rate revision. Currently, the repo rate stands at 4.4%, which is the lowest ever. This is the perfect time for homebuyers who have sufficient funds to invest in that dream flat for sale in Kochi and to get a home loan approved before the rates are increased again.

Chance for Negotiations

This is a time when builders and property agents are eager to clear the inventory to resume cash flow. Most of them are also offering attractive discounts like a refund on booking amount to lure investors. Therefore, this is the right time to invest in the luxury flats in Kochi and secure a good deal for yourselves.

Demand – Supply Slowdown

As the pandemic has created an economic slowdown, the demand for homes has diminished. Besides, there are hardly any new product offerings by builders and developers. As discussed above, this is a great opportunity for homebuyers who have sufficient funds to own a home at a decent price.

Things to Consider:

Expect Project Delays

With the whole country under lockdown, and construction workers returning home, project delays are imminent. The real estate sector that has always been struggling with regulatory changes and low sales is now facing project delay issues.

Liquidity Issues

With almost no sales happening in any sector, liquidity can be a major issue you will face. Most investors and businessmen are struggling to pick up their pace once the lockdown ends. Investors should have to wait until the money starts flowing in gradually.

Uncertainty in Economic Growth

As a matter of fact, it is not just India that is facing an economic crisis. Most of the countries in the world have been impacted due to the pandemic. With these large economies facing turmoil, the Indian economy that is dependent on foreign investments and equity funding will suffer.


Maradu & Nettoor Emerging As Residential Hotspots After Vyttila And Kundanoor Flyovers

Kochi is a growing city and the residents in Maradu and Nettoor feel happy that the proposed flyovers in Vyttila and Kundanoor are a reality now. Being the most crowded city in Kerala, Kochi has been a vital location for home buyers. Though the traffic was haunting, the need for properties in the heart of the city had never seemed to cease.

Now, the traffic-related chaos is not at all a problem after the inauguration of flyovers, and this has resulted in greater demand for residential plots in the nearest areas.

If you are a home seeker and looking to buy flats in Ernakulam, you might have included Maradu and Nettoor in your list. But, let’s see how these two localities could find a place on the top of your list.

What makes these two places so valuable and desired among buyers?

First of all, Vyttila and Kundanoor are the major traffic interception on national highway -66 which connects the southern and northern districts of the state.

Why should you reside in Maradu?

Maradu is located near the city center and the national highways NH 85, NH 966, NH 66 pass through the region. This helped in the development of the area and the place is well connected by waterways. Maradu municipality is situated close to Kochi and one of the fastest-growing areas of Ernakulam District. The growing city is well resourced with houses, 5-star hotels, automobile showrooms, and shopping malls. The construction of flyovers reduced the intense traffic roadblock and made transportation easier. Flats in Maradu are getting more demand than before after the inauguration of flyovers.

Why should you reside in Nettoor?

Nettoor is a scenic region in Kochi city and around 5 km from Vyttila Junction. The ease of transportation after the inauguration of the flyover. Now traveling is becoming stress-free and you can reach Ernakulam Railway station within 10 minutes. There are many educational institutions near Nettoor and the Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre are situated in Nettoor. The city is well connected by roads and transportation is available to various parts of Kochi such as Edakochi, Vyttila, Kaloor, Aluva, Edapally, Thevara, and Thrippunithura. Even KSRTC low floor buses available from Nettoor to Cochin International Airport. The railway station is located in the northern part of Nettoor. Life becomes hassle-free when you buy a residential plot in Nettoor.

How Flyovers in Vyttila and Kundanoor increased the residential value? 

Both the flyovers at Vyttila and Kundanoor are expected to save a lot of commuting time on NH-66 and reduce major traffic congestion. By playing a major role in solving the traffic blocks in the city, transportation became easier and you can reach anywhere without delay.

Maradu and Nettoor have become the prime residential locations after the inauguration of flyovers and it ensures the development of the national highway. Vyttila is the busiest city near Kochi with an estimated 13,000 vehicles crossing the junction per hour and the traffic block consumes more than 30 minutes for each traveler. As a remedial measure, the government has completed the Vyttila-Kundanoor flyover project.

Flyovers have greatly helped in reducing the traffic congestion and more people showing interest in buying plots near Maradu and Nettoor for setting up residential apartments and flats in Kochi. The prospect of transportation and easy reach to major points in the city increased the value of land and building near the flyovers.


Owning a home in 2021 is possible

Our own home is the dream of every person.  The presence of a home shows the social and personal growth of the person. Today the government is trying to provide all the necessary support by working along with the developers for every citizen to fulfill their dream of achieving a self-owned home.  As a result, the first step from the government side is the affordable housing policies put forward. Today, builders in Kochi are putting efforts to layout affordable projects in their business. As known, the middle class is huge in the Indian community. So, the developers are trying to spread their business to this class realizing the importance of their dream. Nowadays the developers are trying to bring a balance between luxury and affordable projects.

Government Support to you

With affordable housing policy, reduced interest rates, and better package from the government; its time for the homebuyers to achieve their dream. We always know Indians save for the future, in terms of gold or money. But today’s generation thinks real estate is one of the better investment options. Buying out a home or flats in Ernakulam is a huge decision for every person. With proper policies and planning, the real estate sector would help you to achieve the best deal.

Efforts from the Real Estate Developers

The new home buyers and those who had put the investment plans on hold due to the lockdowns are now coming back to the market sector. This pandemic situation had made the developers come up with attractive deals and discounts for the home buyers to achieve their dream projects or apartments in Kochi. Also, many residential festive offers are in place with affordable pricing and are attracting new home buyers to the real estate sector.

Use of Better Technology

It is seen that in the upcoming time more use of digital mechanisms would be there as technology is advancing. Though, the work from home trend has come up with an initiation towards online tools. Today, builders are coming up with more digital capabilities with tools like 3D cameras, ProTech facilities, etc. Such a form of advancements has made the brands convince and sell during the lockdown process. Today homebuyers could virtually see the space without stepping outside from their area. Thus, giving priority to your health too. Creating virtual tours, displaying floor plans and 3D views are made possible by the real estate developers for better customer understanding.

A Final Thought

The builders are trying every way to satisfy each customer’s needs and expectations this year. Homebuyers trust developers who customize their offers and find better solutions to every concern raised by the customers. So, the year 2021 is one of the best times for every new homebuyer to make their home dreams come true and seek comfort in their new deal. So, why are you waiting? Start investing in a new home. Let your home dream come true. Consider this as the apt time to have your own home.


5 top benefits of buying homes at a young age?

In the young generation buying a home comes last on their priority list. They always like to enjoy their present life and live in the present moment. Living in the present moment is a good thing but sometimes you should think about the future also. Buying a home or apartment in Kochi is a wise decision if you are done at a young age. Most of the people are going to invest in homes only when they are in middle age. But buying flats in Ernakulam while you are young is the best option. Also, it is a valuable asset for them.

Here few benefits of buying homes at a young age:

Investing in your future:

Buying a home is a lifelong investment for your future. A house is one of the most important shelters for a human. Also, it is most valuable. Buying a home at your younger age is a good decision for you to invest in your future. Also, you can sell the property at any time.

Get loans easily:

We all need to calculate the funds and capital before any investment is done. So all of them apply for home loans. Because you are young, then you get sufficient time to pay the loan amount.

Get tax benefits:

One of the main benefits of buying a home with home loans can help you to be exempt from tax. Under 80C of the income tax act, homebuyers can get deductions up to 1.5 lakhs. If you are buying a home at a young age, then you can get a tax deduction at an early stage.

An additional source of income:

You rent out the new home for others and you have to reside in another place. Then you get additional income from the rent-out of a property. This is one of the good ideas for an additional source of income.

Retire early:

One of the main reasons for investment at an early age is the option to retire early and live a peaceful life. Investment in home property gives you a secondary income and also a passive income. Investment in the home will give an option to retire early. If you invest at the age of 50 then you have approx 10 years to achieve whatever you need.  But you invest at the age of 30 you can achieve up to the age of 45 to 50.

You get a high return on investment:

When you invest money in buying homes or property, you will get benefits tomorrow. Land prices are steadily increasing day by day. So you can sell the property at any time for profit. So real estate is a better investment than any other investment.

At the early stage of your life, you are your boss and your income is passive. But starting your career you have so many responsibilities like family, etc. So this kind of investment is a very good idea. Once you invest money in-home or buy any property. Then you will be responsible for handling money flow. So the rental income from the property is very beneficial to you.

Some tips to buy the home at a young age:

  • Knowledge about your budget
  • Research on your home or property
  • Awareness about the home loan
  • Compare home loans
  • Improve your credit scores.
  • Latest real estate demand

Homeownership is a better way to invest in your future. When you give rental income to someone, there is no profit or benefit. But when you buy a home, the value of the home will increase day by day. So buying a home or flats for sale in Ernakulam is a better option to earn more in the future.


The significance of taking care of your outdoor spaces

Outdoor space is the place outside your home. Outdoor living space can improve your health. You can sit outside, enjoy the surroundings, sounds of nature, and birds. These all are good for your health as well as your mind. Today people give more importance to outdoor living spaces. It is essential to everyday life for getting fresh air. Many home builders and flats in Edapally are designing beautiful homes with lawns and spaces. They are also doing beautiful interiors. But they forget about the importance of outdoor spaces. Outdoor living spaces have so many benefits like it improves family relationships, relax the body, and mind, etc. The below are some benefits of outdoor living spaces.

Boost your immunity:

The fresh air consists of pesticides. It is an airborne chemical produced by plants for self-protection. So breathing this phytoncide helps our body to increase the production of NK WBC. That kills infected cells in your body. So it is very good for increasing immunity power.

Increase vitamin-D level:

A human being needs 7-9 hours of sleep. Due to work and all, they didn’t get time to get sunlight. So the majority of people have a vitamin-D deficiency. Studies told that min 15 minutes of sunshine a day increase vitamin-d levels. So you can spend time outdoors to get this.

Prevent Nearsightedness:

In children, spending more time outdoors has less in the development of nearsightedness. But in adults, those who are spending more time with computers will increase the chance for nearsightedness. So spend time outdoors to avoid computer vision syndrome disease.

Improve your mood:

Spending time with nature will decrease stress and tension. It refreshes the mind. If you are tense with working hours, then spending some time with nature will decrease your stress. So it is very good for your mind refreshment and improves your mood.

Strengthen relationships:

Communication is the key to a good relationship. Nowadays everyone is busy with their job and all. So there is no more time to interact with the family. It will decrease the value of family relationships. Spending your time together with nature increases the communication between family members and strengthens your relationship.

Improve work performance:

Spending time outdoors can reduce mental stress and it will increase creativity level and improve your mental and physical well-being. So you can perform well in your workspace. You can spend time with outdoor activities and that will improve your performance.

Improve memory:

Spending time outdoors can improve your memory and increase your focus power. A study found that a person’s memory increased by 20% after walking in nature. So nature will boost your memory and attention.

Reduce stress:

Being in nature can reduce your hypertension, muscle tension, and blood pressure. The cool and clean space in your outdoors helps to reduce stress and get better sleep.

Live longer:

The increasing time outdoors reduces the risk for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, etc.
Spending time outdoors is to improve both mental and physical health. People who spend more time outdoors have happier and healthier lives. So the home builders designed homes and flats in Maradu with beautiful outdoor spaces. The outdoor space will allow you to spend more time and breathe fresh air.

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ABAD Builders, set up in 1995, is Kerala’s first CRISIL-rated builder and has also acquired ISO 9001. The ABAD group, with a legacy that goes back to 1931, also has interests in seafood processing, hospitality services, facility & project management services and retail.


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