Luxury Residences in Kerala Look Beyond the Home Buying Trends

With the demand for luxury living on the rise, property developers compete to offer unique experiences to their patrons today. Luxury residences go beyond opulent properties in posh localities with rich interiors. The new and upcoming projects are innovative and inventive to create experiences that stand out and lure the uber-rich home buyer.

Some of the trends in luxury flats in Kerala are discussed below.

1. Work-life balance

Working professionals today do not want to travel long distances for work. The trend of walking to work is fast catching up. Most millennials want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and strike a perfect work-life balance. Remote working is a reality and luxury homes must accommodate offices with WIFI connectivity. Convenience is the new benchmark of luxury living with many avenues for socializing now included in the premises of luxury projects. Residents can invite guests and families to spend time and celebrate special occasions at world-class cafes, gourmet restaurants, halls, and banquets.

2. Exclusive amenities

Exclusivity lures luxury home buyers as they want to stand out in the crowd and get noticed. Grand architecture, designer facilities, and eclectic interiors add to their confidence. Amenities such as concierge services, fine dining events, extravagant clubs, terrace pools, spas, and mental well-being avenues are not restricted to five-star hotels alone. They are in demand in luxury apartments in Kochi too.

3. Smart homes

Luxury homes integrated with smart technology enhance luxury living by many folds. Smart homes allow devices to be controlled using a remote control or on applications in mobile phones. Luxury flats for sale in Kochi can adjust room temperature, control lighting, adjust sound, and change TV channels using voice-controlled bots. By using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things devices will be able to communicate with each other and operate independently after being programmed. Luxury smart homes changing the way we live and reducing our carbon footprint by saving non-renewable energy resources.

4. Next-level security

Luxury flats in Kochi are equipped with security features like CCTV cameras and voice recognition systems that provide security to their patrons like never before. These gated communities have trained security guards, firefighting systems, intercom facilities, and alarm systems that work in sync to provide the best security to residents.

These developments in the luxury residences of Kerala are changing how home buyers and investors perceive luxury living.




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