Tips on how to choose the right Real Estate agent

Are you looking for an apartment to buy or rent out in Kochi? That means you will also need to look out for the right real estate agent. This process is more time-consuming if you are new to the place. To start with you need to know the Builders in Kochi in terms of their work, goodwill, quality, and diversity of projects. Be it completed, ongoing, or the news – you have to have your homework done.

Conduct Your Own Research

Real Estate Agents are good at presenting their clients with a lot of information. Such practices are quite common in the real estate business. As a client looking for flats in Kochi, you should take the time to know more about the property or place they are interested in. They will make claims like “The property value will increase sharply in the immediate future so you have to buy it immediately” or regarding other projects in the nearby area. Instead of absorbing the agent’s words as such, think a little further.  You should understand the estimated price of the land, any issues or problems in the nearby places, etc. 

Also, it is best not to depend upon a single agent. You can get a better picture and idea by speaking to multiple agents and this will help you make a better choice. Moreover, it is better to visit some property listing websites to understand the prevalent prices in the concerned area. You can make use of websites like and Olx as well. Although there are other such websites available, not all of them are genuine. 

Discuss the agent fees

Most of the agents are quite hesitant when it comes to discussing the agent fees in the initial part of the deal. Even if you insist upon it, they will ask to discuss it upon the completion of the deal. This is a tactic for them to command a fee in proportion to the value of the deal. Moreover, it could lead to a lot of disputes down the line as well. So, it is best that all the discussions regarding the agent fees are completed upfront. If you can’t reach an agreement with the agent regarding the fees, it is best that you opt for another agent.

Ask Your friends and family for recommendations 

If you are finding a tough time narrowing down a real estate agent, then you can always look to your family and friends regarding their experiences with real estate agents. The real estate sector has always been quite hot in Kerala and someone in your close circle might have been involved in a real estate transaction recently. Also, agents recommended by your friends and relatives are much less likely to charge extra fees from you as they would like to maintain the fruitful relationship they have with their initial clients. 

Discuss with the recent clients of the agent 

An easy way to determine whether the agent is good for you is to communicate with his recent clients. You can ask questions regarding his capabilities, personality, and behavior. You should also enquire if they faced any issues in the transaction due to the agent and how the agent responded to such issues. Moreover, you can also ask them about the kind of fees the agent expects to receive and whether they were satisfied with the work of the agent ultimately. This will help you to decide whether the agent is a match for you. 

Verify the Agent Credentials

It is always a good idea to check the track record of the agent regarding the sales he has done. We recommend choosing an agent with a good reputation. You should ask the agent to give an overview of their apartments in Kochi and the locations they work in. If possible, then ask for references too. A reputed real estate agent will furnish the same with no second thoughts. If the agent has a personal website or social media profile, then you can get a good idea about his previous works and how credible the agent is. Evidence is more important than speech and you should be judging the agent with their work rather than their words. Besides, it is better to avoid agents who do not prefer to meet face-to-face or avoids providing key information regarding the property. You should not rush into any sort of deal if the agents are not providing key details. 

Verify the Agent License

This is one thing that most people tend to ignore. In fact, there is a license required for real estate agents in Kerala. They have to register with the real estate regulatory authority (RERA) before conducting any sale. Moreover, you can connect with concerned authorities to see if there are any pending cases or disciplinary proceedings against the agent. We would recommend you have a copy of the agent license. This is because if you run into any issues regarding the sale, the license copy might be a lifesaver. 

Decide on the selling strategy

Another important detail is to ensure that you and your agent are on the same page when it comes to strategies to be adopted while selling. You need to decide on the number of showings, whether you will do an open house and the expected price. Moreover, the marketing tactics have to be decided as well.

Understand the scope of the agent

Real Estate Agents deal with two kinds of people-the buyers as well as sellers. The buyers would prefer the price to be lower while the sellers would like to command a price as high as possible. Therefore, you must discuss with the agent to see if he has any allegiance or affiliation with the other party. It is best that the agent is neutral as this would make for a fair transaction. Else, there is a very good chance that the agent sides with the seller to gain a price as high as possible so as to gain a big commission fee. 


3 DIY Projects to Make Your Space Pop!

Home DIY projects help to personalise your space. They reflect your style, personality and sense of creativity, and give your home character and charm. DIY projects are also a useful method to save money and repurpose discarded and old goods. Here are three simple DIY project ideas and designs for your home that you could find useful.

diy-projects-to-make-your-space-pop -1

3 DIY Projects to Make Your Space Pop!

A Space for Your Peace of Mind 

Create a meditation nook in your home. One of the first stages in creating an environment that is genuinely warm, soothing, and inviting for meditation is by choosing the colours for your space. Avoid using bright colours, fluorescent lighting or stark white lights when designing an area of your home that you consider to be your getaway.

Look for aromatherapy scents to help you relax even more; this is best done for a long or guided meditation. Lighting up a scented candle or incense stick can bring a lot of positive changes to the environment that surrounds you.

When decorating your own meditation space, consider using tapestries, carpets and cushions to create a cosy welcoming ambience. Adding indoor plants can also improve the air quality in the space.

Read Like a Monk

DIY-Projects-to-Make-Your-Space-Pop - 2

3 DIY Projects to Make Your Space Pop!

Put up a reading corner in your home. Three essential components make up a great reading area: excellent lighting, sufficient book storage, and coziness. Having a window that allows the dispersion of sunlight into the space helps create a good reading environment. Alternatively, you can set up warm lights if you cannot find a space with sufficient natural lighting.

The most important part about creating a reading corner is setting up shelves that contain your favourite books. You can upcycle an old crate or make yourself a brand new bookshelf if you are ready to take up challenges. Make sure to clear the clutter and add some indoor plants to make the process more enjoyable and lively.

Put up comfortable furnishing and accompaniments like pillows and rugs for an immersive experience. Caution: keep it low-key so that it does not become distracting.

Put on Your Favourite Crafty Pants

Create a craft corner in your home. Figure out what kinds of crafts you are into and what tools you need so that you have them at hand while doing a project. Make sure you have a space that hosts all your crafting needs so that you don’t have to carry supplies between rooms. If you have a large workspace, adding counters can be a lovely improvement.

An addition of a bulletin board onto the empty wall where you can pin up to-do lists, photos, quotes, bills, and a variety of other items would be convenient. Good lighting is important for boosting your productivity; set up your workshop in an area where there is a lot of natural lighting available; or you can put up bright lamps around your space.

No matter what type of DIY project you choose, builders in Kochi can help you bring your vision to life. Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing space or create a new one, they have the skills and expertise to help you transform your home into a place you love. And if you’re in the market for a new home, there are plenty of flats in Kochi to choose from that offer the perfect canvas for your DIY projects.




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