Perhaps you’ve lived in your home for a considerable period of time and it’s finally, an ideal time for an upgrade. Or you may be assembling a new house without any preparation and need to make something wonderful.

Either way, you would be searching for ideas to make your space fun, functional, productive, and green. In many apartments in Kottayam, residents are often in a dilemma as to where do you go for these ideas for the design of your new home? The answer is that you could begin following expert home builders and interior designers for getting their feedback, or you could simply read on.

Hopefully, you would have chosen to read on because you are going to discover 7fabulous ideas on what you should add to your home to build a unique space for you.

USB wall charger 

Many recently built flats in Edappally come with wall outlets that have USB spaces nowadays.  However, regardless of whether you already have a completely built home, they’re a fantastically worthy option that is simple to include for somebody with a touch of electrical experience.

Steam shower 

These showers not just have medical advantages like helping you to unwind, installing one will probably raise the value of your home. Also, they are amazingly green. While regular showers utilize seven gallons of water for each minute, steam showers utilize just one.

Impact-rated windows 

For instance, If you are living in a waterfront region where storms are normal, windows like these are legally necessary, yet, for those living in different zones, there are numerous advantages to using impact windows. For example, they offer improved security, decreased noise, and better energy efficiency, making them a wise investment.

Outside theater 

An Outside theatre is incredible as it can be done in a low-end, DIY way (utilizing a projector and straightforward open-air seating), or you can go hard and make a genuine performance center in a space designed for projection and built-in seating.

Secret rooms

Do you like privacy? Along with doors, have some shelves assembled that open to allow you to go from one room to another.

Window seats

What’s better than having a seat by the window where you can curl up with your favorite book and spent the day reading? A seat by the window is a useful expansion to any new home or rebuilt project. Moreover, it can also be used as a storage space.

Stair shelves

In many flats in Kottayam, stair shelves are a popular way to make use of your space. They are great because of the utility along with adding a fun and funky design aesthetic to your home. Stair shelves are hence always a great idea.

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