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The significance of taking care of your outdoor spaces

Posted on December 27, 2021 under Apartments in Edappally, builders in kochi by Abad Builders

Outdoor space is the place outside your home. Outdoor living space can improve your health. You can sit outside, enjoy the surroundings, sounds of nature, and birds. These all are good for your health as well as your mind. Today people give more importance to outdoor living spaces. It is essential to everyday life for getting fresh air. Many home builders and flats in Edapally are designing beautiful homes with lawns and spaces. They are also doing beautiful interiors. But they forget about the importance of outdoor spaces. Outdoor living spaces have so many benefits like it improves family relationships, relax the body, and mind, etc. The below are some benefits of outdoor living spaces.

Boost your immunity:

The fresh air consists of pesticides. It is an airborne chemical produced by plants for self-protection. So breathing this phytoncide helps our body to increase the production of NK WBC. That kills infected cells in your body. So it is very good for increasing immunity power. 

Increase vitamin-D level:

A human being needs 7-9 hours of sleep. Due to work and all, they didn’t get time to get sunlight. So the majority of people have a vitamin-D deficiency. Studies told that min 15 minutes of sunshine a day increase vitamin-d levels. So you can spend time outdoors to get this. 

Prevent Nearsightedness:

In children, spending more time outdoors has less in the development of nearsightedness. But in adults, those who are spending more time with computers will increase the chance for nearsightedness. So spend time outdoors to avoid computer vision syndrome disease. 

Improve your mood:

Spending time with nature will decrease stress and tension. It refreshes the mind. If you are tense with working hours, then spending some time with nature will decrease your stress. So it is very good for your mind refreshment and improves your mood. 

Strengthen relationships:

Communication is the key to a good relationship. Nowadays everyone is busy with their job and all. So there is no more time to interact with the family. It will decrease the value of family relationships. Spending your time together with nature increases the communication between family members and strengthens your relationship.

Improve work performance:

Spending time outdoors can reduce mental stress and it will increase creativity level and improve your mental and physical well-being. So you can perform well in your workspace. You can spend time with outdoor activities and that will improve your performance. 

Improve memory:

Spending time outdoors can improve your memory and increase your focus power. A study found that a person’s memory increased by 20% after walking in nature. So nature will boost your memory and attention. 

Reduce stress:

Being in nature can reduce your hypertension, muscle tension, and blood pressure. The cool and clean space in your outdoors helps to reduce stress and get better sleep. 

Live longer:

The increasing time outdoors reduces the risk for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, etc. 
Spending time outdoors is to improve both mental and physical health. People who spend more time outdoors have happier and healthier lives. So the home builders designed homes and flats in Maradu with beautiful outdoor spaces. The outdoor space will allow you to spend more time and breathe fresh air.

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