When furnishing a new apartment, you have so many dreams and expectations. At the same time you have many constraints of space and structure as well. Let us give you some tips on how to overcome these constraints and furnish your apartment smartly to add space and vibrancy to it. Feel like you are living in your chic boutique apartment in Paris, right at home at your flat in Kochi or Kottayam.

While you can always hire us to give your home unique interiors that perfectly fits your taste and lifestyle, if you prefer to try a hand at it, the experts are here to help. There are various facets of doing your interiors that we keep in mind when designing stylish and comfortable interiors for our clients, which you can explore to make the most of your apartments in Kottayam and KochiSome of them are walls, furnitures, and furnishing.


Choose furnitures that are compact and not bulky, say floating shelves. They serve the purpose, are classy and do not take up all your space with attachments, legs or so. You could also opt for quirky furnitures with colours other than the usual brown, blacks and whites. Use vibrant colours suiting your room décor.

Furniture placement and sizing is also equally important. Use furniture to divide rooms into different zones like a living room and a dining room. For example, say you fix your TV on the wall and push your sofa closer. You could place a chest of drawers behind the sofa to give the other room a complete dining room vibe at the same time providing some extra storage space. Also prefer smaller and less bulky furniture to make the room appear more spacious.


Play with walls. Use textures, unconventional colours, patterns, wallpapers etc to add life to a room. It is one of the more inexpensive options to add a sense of luxury to your home. If you prefer to go with the popular hues like the whites, choose them wisely to complement the vibe of the room and make it look more airy and roomy.

You can also explore options of hidden storage on walls using inbuilt shelves or racks that can be covered with false walls, curtains etc. Not only do they add storage space but also gives the freedom to leave your stuff messy.


There may be a lot of constraints to what you can do to walls or furnitures, because they are permanent and more expensive. That is why furnishing is your go to option to explore new styles in décor. Add style to your furniture by adding a nice rug beneath it or colourful cushions on it.

Make a wall stand out with a centrepiece mirror or a large metallic installation. Have fun with the corners with the right kind furnishing like a bean bag, a mattress or cushion to create a perfect spot for some reading or an afternoon nap.

If all these sounds too confusing or difficult to keep in mind, give us a ring and we will take care of the rest. Abad builders prides itself in our expert interior designing service where each design is custom created based on your preferences.

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