Your Apartment is your comfort zone and when thinking about how to live in flats in Edappally, space is the first thought that strikes many of us. For those, who would have recently moved into any of the flats in Cochin, we got a couple of saving space tips to keep in mind.

Especially, when we come out from our parent’s home, a modest 1 bedroom flat or even a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment may seem to feel stuffy. But a little layout change can bring in all the positive vibes flowing into your normal life.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and see how we utilise the 5 space saving ideas we have and transform them into something really awesome.

Kitchen Space 

Food is our way of depicting some family love and probably to shoot a fabulous peer party! In flats in Kochi, you need to have only the necessary pots and pans. Fit in more drawers, hooks, shelves where you can place food items, and store dry foods. Add in small cabinets so that you do not need to place all the foodstuffs and kitchen gadgets around the place.

Bathroom Storage 

Lifestyle can be improved by rectifying the bathroom space malfunctions. This nifty corner of cleanliness should have cabinets that carry accessories, medicines, washing powders, shoe stands, and cloth baskets that you may need for daily living. This is a rough use room, so that will greatly benefit to save space in your flats in Edappally.

Bedroom Clutter is a No 

Bedrooms in flats in Cochin are the point of cosiness for all of us. Let’s not stuff it with all the clutter that cannot be displayed outside. Instead, we need closet organisers. Just place only the clothes, bedspreads, and accessories that you need for the season. The rest should go to sleep in the under-bed spaces, above the cupboards, and even on the balcony. Pack well, so that bugs, moss, and dust don’t get accumulated.

Laundry Storage Level Up 

This is our dump-in the corner in every home and that needs to be brought to a stop. If rearranged a bit, seriously the laundry storage can be such a sweet spot for so many essential home items. In flats, where the laundry space has small closets, and cabinets in a horizontal arrangement, store things that need not be opened always or perhaps have rough use. It means planting seeds, garden equipment, wiping, and cleaning gear.

Garden Spread 

The balcony in most flats in Cochin is one area where you get to breathe fresh air and soak in some Vitamin D. So, make the most of it. Add a mini office space, folding tables, stable cable, and cabinets where you can store files without the attack of mites.

The Shift is an Inspiring Living experience 

You can now explore your flats in Ernakulam and revamp the dingy space with these practical, low-cost apartment space ideas. We have a reputation to improve living for each of our clients because we strongly believe that homes are where happiness is born. That space cannot be cluttered but should give a space for fresh thoughts every minute.

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