The top builders in Kerala, especially in prime locations in Ernakulam, offer a wide range of luxury apartments. Not all people are happy with just any kind of home Luxury apartments are a preferred choice choice among many current home seekers, who are willing to shell out a premium to get a luxury home at their chosen location. Have you ever thought about why people prefer to get settled in Kochi? The rising demand for the city is because it offers a better living standard, compared to other places in Kerala; besides, as the city is a business and IT hub, the city is in a constant state of growth.

A blissful residential community set in Kochi has finely crafted premium architectural intent and identity for development through the creative use of landscape. Such buildings aid to provide a lush landscape and provide a tranquil experience away from faces externally to all the habitable spaces. The character of the building leans towards a contemporary look to ensure the privacy of the residents and spills out to a large facility whilst allowing for fabulous views externally.

The specialisation in building apartments for sale in kochi pays more importance to the safety and privacy of residents, so Kochi has the best luxury apartments.

Living in a metropolitan city like Kochi, provides great comfort, luxury and premium quality living and other living options to cope-up with our needs. The luxury residential apartments next to the provinces render the opportunity to live the luxury life and the most trusted builders put every element of luxury in your bag to meet the expectations.

Why Luxury Apartments in Kochi?

Modern Comforts

Luxury apartments provide all modern comforts that contribute to making the living experience more comfortable.

360 degree Security

When you live in a luxury apartment, there will be personnel or security installations to guard you against uninvited break-ins. The 24hrs security is a common feature to consider with luxury apartments secured with walls & gates around the perimeter of the desired area.

A Good Investment

Luxury properties are one of the best options to invest in and if the projects are in a fast-developing area it becomes an added benefit to bringing more return on investment in the near future.

The Privilege of Privacy

Privacy is an important aspect to consider with the luxury apartments

and is a great choice if you want to enjoy every day.\

After-Sale Service

The builders who own the luxury apartments can supply an excellent team for your property maintenance and also after-sales services including all repairs and maintenance are also taken care of.


The builders to render satisfaction including quality and safety standards comes in-built with the luxury apartments. Total quality is the motto to hold high with luxury apartments.

Choice of Location

Luxury apartments in kochi definitely match your requirements and complement your lifestyle. Being within the beauty of Kochi is itself a luxury.

Talented Team

Builders deliver outstanding results with a team of smart, capable professional experts from a trusted builder is truly a deal of a lifetime. They treat you with the best amenities and facilities in the comfort of your independent space.

Types of Luxury Apartments to own in Kochi

Scenic Background to fill in

It is an exclusive community type that offers exclusive ultra-luxury in Kochi for the very upper crust. Abad Builders comprises high-rise towers set in a scenic background with a blissfully luxurious neighbourhood. The luxury apartments are situated defining the gradual acclivity of Abad Builders while the high-rise towers are located on the flatter terrain along its periphery with the edifices set in scenic streetscapes.

At the Heart of the City

A luxury to enjoy at the heart of the bustling town would perhaps sketch some remnants of a beautiful present. Home to many well-known town modernities making their presence felt, within the comfort of your townhouse marks the ultimate luxury. Perched in the centre of such beauty & conveniences, the picture of elegance from Abad Builders rises above the ordinary, giving you an excellent view of the city. The spacious balconies welcome the sunset, so as to discover and describe more about the uniqueness designed for you. Being in a home uncovering the colours of comfort & splendour will be proud to own.

Away from the crowd of the city

Some prefer a silent place to live, especially away from the bustling town and the demand still remains high for easy access to the essentials.

A quiet atmosphere yet blending seamlessly with the pace and glamour of the City is what Abad Builders promises you. Location still remains a matter of concern and an enviable place to stay and being eminently accessible with exquisitely planned and crafted dwellings come with all the amenities that your lifestyle demands. Abad Builders also presents an address of a perfect choice that will be coveted by all and owned only by a privileged few.

No common walls to share go amazing

The luxury flats in kochi inspire you to live life to the fullest and to experience the ultimate luxury, express yourself the way you do it best. The residences, especially during your leisure hours, being fully glazed on three sides, render a comprehensive basket of luxury lifestyle. No common walls to share with your neighbour make your home truly a heaven of peace and privacy.

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