Every human heart is set upon luxury and adores nature. The right boxes on the parameters of luxury lifestyle get crafted in a unique design in the hands of efficient builders. The modern homes include many exceptional features that make them attractive to buyers and 3have seamless connectivity with high-rise well-spaced towers. Luxury flats have been designed with luxurious interiors and modern kitchens such a way well suited for those who prefer to buy flats in Kochi. The elegant towers look magnificent with plenty of space around the property.

Kochi is famous for scenic beauty wrapped with the contemporary urban lifestyle. It scores high rank, being one of the rapidly-growing tiers that have all the makings to be the choice of the millennials. The Smart city tag has been the primary source of the development of the port, all concertedly drawing rapid growth in recent years. The varied options available in Kochi for housing have set up luxury housing projects.

Kochi is well-connected with additional elements to its growth and its location alongside the enthralling backwaters makes it the ideal place for new luxury villas and new luxury apartments to have a peaceful and serene living.

Buying your dream luxury flat has become a real luxury, especially in cities such as Kochi. When you are about to either rent a property or buy a flat is a huge financial commitment and also the key issue of credibility of the builders matters a lot.

To be established with new nomenclatures in the city of Kochi together with a traditional feeling in the luxury model lifts you to the traditional glory of your home. Own a luxury home that defines the real meaning of sumptuousness & dignity to live in peaceable environs you have ever dreamt of with every amenity intended as a luxurious source.

So here we discuss what to look for when buying a luxury apartment and investing your life’s savings.


Connectivity means close proximity to hospitals, educational institutions, railway stations, proposed metro stations, places of worship and shopping destinations rendering a life of bliss. The luxury home you opt-in Kochi should own the best connectivity and easy access to all central nodes and networks. Also the residential location with excellent social infrastructure makes your dream come true.


All the flats and apartments have been designed to bring you comfort in every aspect of your life and spacious, well designed and constructed with exactness and focused on quality would bring in extra happiness in your dream home. Get the finest living standard and life of comfort at the luxury flat you own in Kochi.

First-class Amenities and Conveniences

Every homeowner dreams to get equipped with all the modern amenities and all together make it the best buy for the market price. The cutting-edge security facilities and security system at the apartments and flats ensure a secured and safe living experience which is an unavoidable concern to deal with. The premium residential living spaces are expected to be blended with thoughtful layouts and attractive recreational options that will make a splendid start to your new living.

Here we also discuss the things to check before buying luxury apartments in Kochi, around a completely different aspect. Read ahead to know the other different angles to check.

Check on Land

Acquire information related to the land use in the respective government records. See it to verify the same is the legal property for your plan and that it does not have any illegal associations. Go to the local development office to track the complete information regarding the land. You may need to spend your valuable time, but it won’t go in vain, after all everything happens for a dream home to come true.

Check on Bank Approval

Fully funded projects are rare, no builders build with their own money, they do take loans or financial assistance for fulfilling the project. Check on the bank dealings associated with the builders and find out if any of the top banks in the country have approved the project, waving a good sign.

Check the final amount

As we all know, the total amount would remain a top secret always and no broker or real estate agent will tell you the entire amount at the beginning itself. They would inform you of an amount for furnished and unfurnished separately, but a lot of expenses might come your way before you start living and enjoying the luxuries. The external & internal development charges, parking fees, service taxes, and location charges are the few payments you need to consider extra.

Know the Builder

Now it’s time to conduct a detailed verification study about the builder you have chosen to buy the flat from. The builder has to be completely genuine without any legal disputes with the government. You need to be very careful before indulging in a business with someone, so do enquire online and offline.

Size of the property

The apartment builders build the plan to be extra usable in all aspects so that they can get paid for them as they present it to you. The advertisement for a super-built-up area would be practically implemented on the building space. So always find out the real core area you are buying so that you don’t pay for the extra unusable space. Visit the place and explore the part of the property you buy before making a purchase or an agreement.

Go visit the location

Go visit the location of the apartment or flat and know the surroundings and neighbouring areas as the brochure of the apartments never depicts the real surroundings. Explore the site for the best flats in Kochi & talk to neighbourhood residents about the surroundings to know the merits and demerits they have faced while living there and also regarding the safety of the area.

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