A touch of green brings so much positivity to our living spaces. Today, some of the most prominent villa projects in Kochi focus on healthy living and recreating fortifying green spaces within the four walls of city life. If you are having apartments for sale in Kochi, you too can plan a tiny balcony kitchen garden and resell the living spaces.

For those of us, who have been used to living on acres of land where our ancestors have cultivated the veggies for our daily meals; city life would naturally make you miss that experience. How many of you actually love the scent of wet soil? To pluck your own home-grown veggies and serve them at the table – is a feeling that can be indescribable at times.

It does not seem as complex as more garden lovers think so. We are here to give simple, yet fulfilling, and affordable kitchen gardens that can make your balconies heaven on their own.

Spot the sun-kissed zone 

It goes without saying that any plant needs a daily dose of sunshine to grow. Choose that corner of your balcony in the apartment which gets sunlight. By the way, you need a moderate intensity of sunlight and for probably most of the day, the rays should flow in. While tenants look for a flat for sale in Kochi, most of the time, they check if the balcony is sunlit adequately.


Understand what sort of pots, plant-soil mixing bowls, trays are needed to fit into such a compact space. You can purchase terracotta pots or ceramic or plastic ones as per your budget and preference.


Next, list down the herbs, veggies, and decorative plants you long to have in your balcony garden in your Kochi apartment. You could grow spinach, coriander, tomatoes, mint, chilies, and flowers that you prefer.

Layout Design 

The kitchen garden layout should not only look attractive but should allow you to easily sit, water, and watch them grow. You need to plan their waste drainage and waste disposal while living in a flat in Kochi.

Plant Growth Style 

Depending on the type of apartments for sale in Kochi, you can redesign the plant growth style. For example, you can usually have contemporary vertical gardens on your apartment balcony or go for a pathway of neatly arranged pots.

Perfect Soil Blend 

Yes, a highly critical point to keep in mind. Depending on the type of plants you want to grow on the apartment balcony, choose the soil. It should have nutrients, water absorption, and the right PH balance to help seedlings grow.

Winding Up 

If you are a plant lover, just as much as we are; then jot down the above points and get your little kitchen garden rolling. As mentioned before, you could add value to your apartments for sale in Kochi, once you prepare a ready-use kitchen garden for your new buyers.

The efforts are all worth it when you get to see the happy smiles and even participate in their first harvest! Seriously, these balcony kitchen gardens are more than a hobby. It is a way of healthy living for everyone who lives in cities like Kochi today.

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