Why Community living is the future

Over the last few years, there has been a rising trend of people choosing to live in towns rather than anywhere else. People moving to cities like Kochi in search of jobs also need homes to live in, be it flats of villas. Many real estate industry insiders believe that township living is truly the future of the residential real estate market. So let’s take a closer look at the factors that are driving people to living in the towns.

  •   One of the reasons why people often choose to invest in the apartments in Kochi is that it allows them to be a part of a global community. Much more than ever before, towns are becoming the hubs for urban community living. This means that people who live in such environments live a luxurious life with the best of comfort and security. The access to world class benefits certainly attracts a lot of people to stay in towns.
  • The towns in different parts of Kerala provide with great scope for living in harmony with the nature. The best part of community living is the interaction with like minded people and this helps to improve the character of a person. Also, living in a city provides opportunities of good education, business and job opportunities etc.
  • Apartments and Villas in Kochi are developed by some of the most trusted residential real estate companies like ABAD Builders. This means that one can expect to have all the world class features and amenities in Kerala while spending time with their friends and family members.

Own Your Signature Apartment In Maradu

Maradu is one of the most populous suburbs of Kochi and it is a bustling region with a lot of activity. The residential real estate market is quite developed here and the prices of homes in this region are comparatively lesser than some of the other regions of Kochi. Maradu is also easily accessible through road via national highways. Nearby shopping malls, schools, hospitals and hotels makes this place suitable for a living. Maradu has proximity to places like Tripunithura, Thevara, Aroor, Fort Kochi and its a gateway to Kottayam District. This has led to the increased demand of homes developed here that come with a wide range of modern features and amenities. People looking to buy apartments and villas in Kochi often choose to settle down in Maradu for the distinct advantages this area has to offer. The greater proliferation of people in this region from other parts of the country has certainly contributed to the growth of the real estate market in this region.

Currently there is an increased demand for customized apartments in Maradu which has led some real estate developers come up with strategies to cater to such needs. ABAD is one of the most reliable names in the sphere of residential real estate development. For quite some time, the company has spearheaded numerous major residential projects in different parts of Kochi. The residential hubs created by ABAD have been known to combine global real estate trends seamlessly into the classic Indian architectural practices to create homes that are truly one of a kind.

With more apartments in Ernakulam currently being developed by ABAD, the people of Maradu now has greater options than ever before to find their own signature apartments. Not only has this led to a surge of people buying homes in this part of Kochi but it has also resulted in development of premium living spaces in Maradu. The projects that are currently developed by ABAD have already attracted the attention of homebuyers in this part of Kochi who are looking to reside in beautiful and stylish environments.


Discover Your Dream Home in Aluva

Aluva is a major industrial area in the  Kochi Metropolitan Area and has been known to experience a lot of infrastructural development in the recent times. Aluva is also a major hub of transportation and it offers people easy access to different types of major transportation means. The infrastructural development and various civic amenities like schools and multi-speciality hospital of Aluva has really encouraged people from all parts of the country to come and stay here. This has naturally led to the increased demand for apartments and villas in Ernakulam that come ready with all the modern amenities that one can think of.

In the recent times, numerous apartment projects have been developed by leading real estate companies such as ABAD. These apartments in Ernakulam are designed to meet the highest standards both in terms of aesthetic elements as well as practical benefits. The designers of these apartments take inspiration from global real estate trends and create domestic environments that perfectly cater to the needs of Indian home buyers. It is therefore no wonder that the homes that have been designed and developed by ABAD so far enjoy such massive demand in the real estate market.

People looking for villas in Ernakulam can easily choose from a wide range of options when they are searching for top quality residential hubs at various locations in Aluva. These homes are designed to fulfill the expectations of modern Indian home buyers while at the same time maintaining a global appeal. All of the residential hubs that are created by ABAD also come with a wide range of features and amenities that make living here a comfortable and memorable experience. The homes are large and spacious and have plenty of natural light and air which really leads to a positive and healthy living experience.


Royal Gardens – A Gateway To The City of Letters

The city of Kottayam in Kerala is widely hailed as the land of lakes and celebrated by all for its pristine natural beauty. It is therefore no surprise that people from all over the country truly love to come and settle down here in Kottayam. Moreover, the easy availability of modern infrastructural facilities along with great conveyance options makes Kottayam one of the best places in Kerala to live. Currently there are many flats in Kottayam that offer top grade residential environments for the people to live. So if you are looking to reside in Kottayam, you can have plenty of great options to choose from.

One of the projects in Kottayam that has already attracted a lot of attention from potential home buyers is the Royal Gardens created by ABAD Builders. These luxury flats and apartments are located perfectly amidst nature and are surrounded by picturesque fields of paddy. Living here can be a delightful experience for anyone as he or she can wake up every morning to the most serene and beautiful views of the natural surroundings. The best part of living in Royal Gardens is that it provides access to some of the finest amenities that one would require to live. The Royal Gardens flats also offer easy access to hospitals like Caritas Hospital and Matha Hospital, supermarkets, malls, educational institutions and notable places of worship. Abad Royal Gardens has also received the award for Most Admired Project in Mid Segment, at the Global Real Estate Brand Awards, 2017!

The 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats that come with Royal Gardens come perfectly furnished with elements from world class brands, an elegant rooftop swimming pool, a completely well equipped gymnasium, a nice car park as well as lifts that can make it easier to travel to any floor. Designed for maximum opulence and luxury, the Royal Gardens offers everything that one can hope to have from a modern residential real estate project at the heart of Kerala


Our New Badges of Honor

Kochi is one of the most important cities in Kerala and it has seen major real estate developments in the recent years. Flats in Kochi have been developed in different parts of the city by leading real estate companies that are equipped by a wide range of lavish features. One of the real estate development firms that have achieved major success in Kochi in the recent times is certainly ABAD Builders. ABAD Builders is a real estate group with ISO 9001:2015 Certification, ISO 14001:2015 Certification and OHSAS 18001:2007 for the top notch safety and aesthetic standards maintained by them. ABAD Builders has already worked to create numerous apartment and villas projects in Kochi and Kottayam that stand out for our global appeal.

Here is a brief look at the meaning of the various certifications owned by ABAD Builders

ISO 9001:2015 Certification : The ISO 9001:2015 explains quality parameters in relation to the business organization. According to this, a company needs to consistently demonstrate the ability to offer products and services which meet the customer expectations and also various applicable regulatory and statutory requirements. ISO 9001:2015 also focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction by effectively applying the system. It also regulates the processes for improving the system and helps to make sure that company maintains all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements as well as conforms to all customer needs.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification : The ISO 14001:2015 clearly specifies the various requirements associated with environmental management system which can be followed by a company for enhancing its overall environmental performance. The ISO 14001:2015 is meant to manage the environmental responsibilities of a company in a well constructed and systematic manner and help in effectively contributing to environmental sustainability.

OHSAS 18001:2007 : The OHSAS 18001:2007 serves as a health and safety management system whose purpose is to ensure safe practices within the work environment so that the safety and security of the employees is perfectly maintained. This also involves legal compliance for improving occupational health as well as safety performance, risk identification, detailed analysis, along with target setting and calculative measurement.

So if you are looking for apartment and villas in Ernakulam or Kottayam, get in touch with ABAD Builders today.


ABAD Oasis – Your Luxury Residence

In recent times, Kochi has seen major developments in the sphere of real estate. Whether it is the residential or commercial arena, numerous projects have been developed in the recent times in Kochi.  Apartments in Kochi are now in high demand, with many leading real estate companies offering top notch residential hubs for their customers. One of the most well known real estate companies in Kochi is certainly ABAD Builders. With our all new ABAD Oasis project, we have really pushed the edge of what can be achieved in the realm of luxury residential real estate. This certainly makes ABAD Oasis one of the most sought after real estate projects in Kochi.

The ABAD Oasis is a major luxury residence located in Edapally. With ABAD Oasis, residents can expect to have a peaceful and tranquil living hub amidst the chaos of the outer city. Even though it is an apartment project, people looking for villas in Kochi can also find the advantages of a villa with the duplex apartments in Abad Oasis. The 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats that comprise the project will have all the luxurious comforts one can expect to have in a modern residential environment.

The real estate project of ABAD Oasis offers a range of top quality amenities that can make living here a wonderful experience. Some of these amenities include electronic boom barrier gate, an elegantly furnished beautiful double height lobby, high speed elevators equipped with LCD Panel and SS cabin, well equipped and ac fitness centre, swimming pool, kids’ swimming pool and Jacuzzi, AC multi recreation hall along with party area, centralized gas supply along with three level safety system, cable TV connection, children’s Play area, AC association room, sewage treatment plant, solid waste management, rainwater harvesting, janitors room, drivers room and facility officer room


Kottayam – A Gateway To Pilgrim Centers

Do you want to live in a place that has high pilgrimage value? Then you should certainly consider buying flats in Kottayam as it is considered the ultimate gateway to numerous pilgrim centers. The Kottayam district is quite well known for its unique religious harmony. The region has got about 50 temples, around 70 churches as well as numerous mosques which makes it one of the most religiously important destinations in all of Kerala. Therefore it is no wonder that people who feel a strong connection to spiritual energies often choose to live in Kottayam due to the unique vibe that this place has to offer.

The area of Kottayam has many important pilgrimages and worshipping centers which is why it is often visited by spiritual seekers and pilgrims from various parts of India. Some of the most significant pilgrim centers here are Vaikom Mahadeva Temple, Ettumanoor Mahadevar Temple, Thirunakkara Shiva Temple, Vakathanam Valiya Palli, Manarcad Church, St. George Orthodox Church, Thazhathangady Juma Masjid and Vavar Mosque. Kottayam is the principal hub for Syrian Christians living in Kerala. Therefore it is no wonder that people from numerous social and religious backgrounds prefer to live in this part of Kerala.

In the recent times, numerous villas and apartments have come up in Kottayam, that offer world class living environments for the people of Kerala. Leading real estate groups like the ABAD Builders have left no stone unturned to come up with state of the art homes that offer a wide range of luxurious amenities while at the same time allow people to live amidst nature. Unlike the apartments in Kochi, which offers an urban lifestyle, living spaces in Kottayam offers a lifestyle which is close to spirituality and nature.


Panampilly Nagar – Kochi’s Posh Address

When one is looking to buy flats in Kochi,  Panampilly Nagar  is certainly one of the most posh neighborhoods that one can choose to live in. Over the years, Panampilly Nagar has developed into a major hybrid residential and commercial neighborhood. The high end residential area of Panampilly Nagar is located just a kilometer away from M.G Road. Ever since the 1970s, the region saw major urban development and many leading real estate developers have come up with their own projects in this part of Kochi. The result is obviously great as now Panampilly Nagar boasts of numerous top end residential environments that ensure world class living facilities for the people here.

People prefer to stay in the Panampilly Nagar locality due to the wide range of infrastructural facilities that it has to offer. The area is known for its beautiful parks, broad roads, nice clean and green environment as well as a wide range of modern facilities. The locality boasts of numerous business houses, offices, boutiques, salons and trendy restaurants. The PNWA or Panampilly Nagar Welfare Association is largely active in beautifying this whole area. The area is close to Ernakulam City and has got many parks that are specially designed for kids, youngsters and elderly citizens. There is currently a lot of eco friendly development going on in Panampilly Nagar which is sure to make this area one of the most environmentally safe areas for having an apartment or villa project in Kochi

Along with such fast commercialization, a lot of living spaces are being developed to accommodate people who have a strong penchant for stylish living.


Changing Face of Aluva

Kochi is developing at  a rapid pace, and along with it, its suburban towns are too. One such significant town that has seen tremendous change and growth because of Kochi’s expansion and rapid development is Aluva. With large migration to Kochi from across the state and even the country, in search for better jobs, pays, business environment and so on, the demand for Apartments in Kochi has also increased exponentially. With the city becoming more crowded, congested and expensive, all these new home buyers who would’ve earlier preferred a Villa in Ernakulam are spreading out to its satellite towns for affordable and comfortable living spaces.

With only a 30 minute drive to the city and all facilities at par , you hardly feel like you live away from the city centre. To accommodate the growth of Kochi, Aluva too is being developed in terms of civil amenities like better roads, walkways, one way access etc. The town also has many good schools, colleges and even hospitals in or around it, making it ideal for peaceful living  away from the hustles of the city.

Besides being close to Kochi, it is also very well connected. Aluva has its own railway station, metro station and even an airport very close by. With CIAL only a few kilometres away and the town being directly connected to the rest of the state through one of the most significant national highways of the state, Aluva couldn’t be any more easily accessible.

With all of the above, Aluva is the ideal nesting ground for those of us who wish to stay away from the rush of the city. All this being said, we haven’t even talked about the highlight of Aluva that makes it so attractive for Kochiites to settle down in. Yes, it is its lush greenery, beautiful river view, and the serene vibe. Our Springfield villas in Aluva spread across 2.6 acres of landscaped property captures this essence of Aluva. Our tranquil homes that blend with nature make them irresistible for anyone who is looking for a countryside life within the city. Waking up to the sound of birds chirping and the wind blowing instead of cars honking is one of the main attraction of Kochiites towards our Villa projects in Kochi. If you are one of them, come check out our beautiful villas in Aluva to buy your dream home.


Feel More At Home In Your Duplex Apartment

Though very popular across the globe, Duplex flats are a very new concept to us Malayalees. So through this blog we will talk about what duplex flats are and why duplex flats in Kochi are a great living choice for the modern Kochiite.

To begin with, a duplex is a modern apartment style with two floors connected by a private inner staircase. A duplex gives the vibe and utility of an independent house with the added floor and balcony spaces. Duplexes are most popular either on the ground floor or on the top floor as the penthouse. While the penthouse is more to do with high life and luxury, the ground level duplex is about having your own back yard, garden or outside utility spaces. Both have their own benefits and customer segments. Some high end apartments even have inner private lifts in their duplex apartment.

Abad Builders offer premium duplex apartments in Edapally in our apartment project, Abad Oasis. Apart from the additional space there are many comforts that our duplex apartment in Edapally offers, that has made it popular among the young modern Indian. One is his dream of having a house where he goes upstairs to his room to sleep. In this context a duplex feels more like home than a usual apartment. The two levels can also give added privacy.

As Indians we also have stronger family bonds and values and a lot of us prefer our parents to stay with us in the city close to us, rather than far away in our hometown or village. Duplex is a perfect option for such families, where having different floors will help you have them close in a more healthy lifestyle where your young family gets their needed privacy and alone time as well.

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